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  1. I think I know why the OTA is failing... For some reason my tesco 8gb, unlocked and rooted using pauls superboot in CM it thinks its an XT1034 not an XT1032... OTA normal, OTA sideload and CM flash all fail.. Anyone else with same issue ?
  2. I tried the moto chat thing on the phone as the OTA wont install.. they are clearly not very good at c/s ! I have recieved this email: Discussion Thread Via Email (Desiree) 01/10/2014 07:24 PM Hi Daniel , I do apologize I was not able to schedule the phone for repair since our system is currently updating. Please verify from your co-worker if he purchased the device through Motomaker or from a Verizon store. Please respond to this email within 24-48 hours so that we can assist you accordingly. Thank you. Best Regards, Desiree Chat Transcript 01/10/2014 07:07 PM [06:39:18 PM] Hi, my name is Desiree. How may I help you? [06:39:47 PM] dan: Hey there. Just got my moto x and have a few questions. [06:39:56 PM] Desiree: I will be more than happy to assist you on this. [06:40:04 PM] Desiree: Go ahead, please. [06:40:23 PM] dan: First off, it doesn't seem like my screen is locking when I push the side button to turn it off [06:41:07 PM] Desiree: Are you referring to the power key to put the phone in sleep mode? [06:41:44 PM] dan: In privacy, I have screen lock set to slide, but when the screen is off and I push the button to run it back on, the screen turns back on without having to slide [06:41:48 PM] dan: Yes I am [06:42:58 PM] Desiree: Oh, I see. [06:43:49 PM] Desiree: Before we proceed, could you provide me the serial number of the phone please, type in star, pound, 06, pound on the Dialer. Then look for the IMEI. [06:45:08 PM] dan: Yes, I e secind [06:45:16 PM] dan: One second* [06:46:43 PM] Desiree: Sure. [06:47:55 PM] dan: Did you get that? [06:48:55 PM] Desiree: Nope. [06:49:18 PM] Desiree: Could you provide me the cell phone number associated with the device please? [06:49:37 PM] dan: 99xxx9 is the imei [06:49:51 PM] dan: 84xxxx is the phone number [06:50:20 PM] Desiree: Thank you. [06:51:12 PM] Desiree: Have you tried turning off and on the device to correct this issue on the phone? [06:52:08 PM] dan: Yes [06:53:24 PM] Desiree: If that is the case, you have to do clear the cache partition on the phone. [06:53:41 PM] Desiree: Please open this link for the steps: https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/prod_answer_detail/a_id/94946/p/30,6720,8696/kw/cache [06:56:06 PM] dan: In, I'll try that. In the mean time, can I ask another question? [06:56:23 PM] Desiree: Sure. [06:58:08 PM] dan: It seems that my home button does not work [06:58:40 PM] dan: When I touch it it flashes and vibrates as usual, but nothing else happens [06:59:03 PM] Desiree: My apologies. [06:59:03 PM] Desiree: May I ask for the place and date of purchase of the device? [06:59:41 PM] dan: I bought it today from a co worker. He got it about a week ago, he said [06:59:59 PM] Desiree: Where did he purchase the phone? [07:00:27 PM] dan: I believe he got it from the Verizon store. Not sure about that though [07:00:53 PM] Desiree: If that is the case, let me inform you that most Motorola products have a standard one-year warranty from the date of purchase barring physical or liquid damage.You may send the phone in for evaluation and repair. [07:01:08 PM] Desiree: The timeframe for repair is 5 working days from the day we received the unit. [07:01:26 PM] Desiree: You can also check the place of purchase for other warranty options. [07:02:23 PM] dan: I see [07:02:51 PM] Desiree: Would you like to send the device for repair? [07:03:29 PM] dan: I guess that might be for the best. I still have my old phone that I can reactivate in the mean time [07:04:50 PM] Desiree: I could schedule the phone for repair and you will receive an email instruction on how to send your phone or repair. It includes the RMA/Request number and the address on where to send the phone. You will receive this email instruction within 30 minutes. Please check on your inbox, spam or junk mail. [07:04:59 PM] Desiree: Could you please provide me with your complete name, physical address and contact number? [07:05:33 PM] dan: Daniel Hxxxx [07:05:56 PM] dan: 2xxxx lane [07:06:08 PM] dan: Mt pleasant, xxx [07:06:20 PM] dan: 843-xxxxxx [07:06:24 PM] Desiree: Thank you. [07:06:38 PM] Desiree: Kindly wait for the email within 30 minutes, okay? [07:06:47 PM] Desiree: Would there be anything else I could do to assist you today? [07:06:47 PM] dan: Yes, thank you [07:06:55 PM] Desiree: You're always welcome. [07:06:58 PM] Desiree: If you need any more information get in touch. Thanks from Motorola, bye! [07:07:00 PM] 'dan' disconnected ('Concluded by Agent'). [---001:003761:30988---] Funny thing.. that is not me.. that is not the chat I had with them... I redacted some info above
  3. Got the OTA - Error whilst installing on the green droid screen. Rooted, Unlocked Tesco 8gb. Thought it failed as I had xposed & gravitybox installed.. Turned em off.. re-leeched but same same.
  4. put it in developer mode: settings- about phone - click build number 7 times -dev options - enable usb debugging reboot thats the only other thing i can suggest for now
  5. fwiw what worked for me without hard reset was to go into: settings - > security .untick verify apps .tick/untick/retick unknown sources reboot
  6. Ditto.. cannot find anything on the phone whatsoever in normal media scanner - can play with other app which uses file location but not from the internal db... quite frustrating...
  7. Fits fine but they are awful..thinner than what comes with the phone to start with.. when I applied using a credit card - the credit card scratched it.... crapola...
  8. I have done tpt plenty of times on other devices.. but no combination of keys got me into tpt mode and the rom I put on aokp cm9 and jb cm10 didnt have system update as an option :-/ interesting it does something the blade1 does when you press vol + and vol - on power up it flashes light then dies as if its a short.. no worries tho.. thanks !
  9. Well tpt seems to be out.. but dt's a2sd seems to work a treat.. so that'll do nicely :-)
  10. Just got my blade replacement in teh form of a £45 (with topcashback) vivacity.. all rooted etc no prob but i just cannot manage to repartition the fellow. Have spent ages fiddling with it but no combination gets into tpt mode - is there another way to partition without using tpt ? Or perhaps how to get into tpt when the cap buttons dont seem to be active at boot.. Any help mucho appreciado.
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