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  1. anyone know if MS are hosting a video stream?
  2. yep 20 mins to go. Anyone know if there's a live video feed anywhere?
  3. i'm guessing Opera uses some kind of proxy server as iirc Opera is a Norwegian company? This is just a guess though. But i've had no problems or unexpected bills using NoData in the US (i'm from the UK) with wifi in bars etc on 6.5
  4. penguin


    old news is old the website got hacked last year & it seems they got a copy of the database in the process, see this post (only about 5 threads down this page) http://www.modaco.com/content/website/2848...jacked-website/
  5. They'll be Standard i presume as they are on the X1
  6. looking like a very worthy successor to my X1. But saying that my X1 has a lot of life left in it yet, also looking around the right size for me too, though the keyboard does look a bit weird & not sure how it'll be to type on.
  7. lol MS what the hell are they playing at? They seriously need to get with it & do something before it's game over for them & the platform (in the mobile market that is)
  8. looks like a very tempting device indeed, but rather too bulky for me i'm afraid, guess i'll have to wait for someone to cram that tech into something alot smaller. (My Xperia is just about the right size for me.)
  9. nope my guess is lack of an internet connection at the event
  10. missed the first 10 mins or so but a good show guys (even though i didn't win :D)
  11. looks very promising & i'll be keeping my eye on it as i love my X1 as long as they iron out the niggles with it (the cracking cases for 1!) it should be a very solid device. Also heard a rumour of PS3 remote play being in there somewhere, but we'll have to wait & see i guess :D
  12. it's going to be announced on the next pod cast I think, as to when that will be I'm not sure you'll need to ask Paul or Mono i guess
  13. hehe so am i to be honest, never even been there. But it's spread across other forums on the internet. Guess it's not made it's way here yet :)
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