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  1. Please help! I sold the phone on EBay, unlocked, all confident that it was a good buy for someone, then she e-mails me to say it's faulty :D I've got it back now and she's right - I made a call from it and found that the caller couldn't hear you and you couldn't hear them. I've done a hard reset and we're half way there - I could hear the caller, but the caller couldn't hear me. I've tried it with T-Mobile, Orange and 02 sims and the same thing happens. There are two factors here, as the phone was fine when I got it. Is it possible that something went wrong during the unlock procedure? Also, there was dust behind the screen and I cleaned it out, following the instructions I found on this site. Other than that, it's as I bought it. Any idea as to what's happened please? Thanks ;)
  2. I know these problems have been covered in detail elsewhere, but I've got very confused, so forgive me for starting a whole new thread. My set-up: SPV C500 running TomTom Navigator 6, Holox BT-321 GPS receiver. Problem 1: Bluetooth is enabled but I can't send or receive files. I've installed the latest ROM and Smart Explorer as suggested elsewhere, but no Bluetooth shows up as an option to send. Problem 2: TomTom starts OK and finds the maps and everything, but it keeps reporting "The GPS signal was lost ... seconds ago" or if I ask it to navigate somewhere it just hangs on "Waiting for a valid GPS signal", which of course, it won't find because it lost the signal :) Are the two issues connected? We know the receiver's OK because it works just fine on hubby's K750i**, and it shows up on the list of devices on the phone. Any help is much appreciated, but nothing to geeky please as I'm a novice with these phones! ** He found a download for sale on EBay called Nav4All, and it's working nicely, subject to the limitations of the K750i. Has anyone had any experience with it? I'd like to try it myself but it's not ready for my phone yet. Thanks very much!! :D
  3. Gagging Ferret

    Locking the keypad

    Thanks, and thanks! Scared myself to death this afternoon - I accidentally set Media Player running when the phone was in my pocket... but no more!
  4. Hi people! I'm new to the forum, and to the SPV C550, so please be gentle! I bought a cracking phone off EBay and I've been playing around with it since last Friday, and learned some really useful stuff from you guys. Hey, I even managed to fully unlock it! So why can't I figure out how to simply lock the keypad? Being a girly with a big girly handbag I've always gone for flip phones so I don't accidentally dial my Auntie Doris in Aberdeen when looking for my car keys, a problem I always have with non flips if the keypad's left unlocked. Sometimes it will lock itself, but how do I manually lock it? I had a peep in Security, but it asked me for a password, so that's not what I'm looking for. (Is there a default password, BTW?) Oh yes, and one more thing - how can I tell if I'm connected to the net? There doesn't seem to be a symbol on the display. Or does it just disconnect itself after a spell of inactivity, or when I close the browser down? Thank you very glad!

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