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  1. On a side note, EE seem keen to push the Pixel 2, I have a 128gb one in Just Black pre ordered, they waived my early upgrade fee (had a couple of hundred left as my normal upgrade wasnt until Feb next year) and no upfront cost for the phone and my monthly payment has gone up by about £2, another 24 month contract. Also get the free little Google Mini. Not a bad deal.
  2. Anyone else had issues with the market not installing in build 9? I did a full wipe of data/cache/dalvik and it all installed fine but the market just sits at downloading when I try to install anything. Even tried another full wipe and flash just in case but the same thing. Restored back my build 8.1 and it installs things fine.
  3. Odd, mine can find both my hidden work one and my ssid broadcasting home one. Have you tried taking out the sdcard and rebooting just in case there is some corrupt file or setting there that is disrupting it?
  4. Incompatible? wierd. Oh well, Opera is fine for me Edit: Hmm, Opera doesnt work for me, displays a page about my phone not being supported
  5. Anyone figured out how to get iPlayer back in the market? I've changed the region setting in the build.prop to GB but still not iPlayer (yes I rebooted).
  6. Yes, you need to open the build.prop file with something like root explorer (build.prop is in /System/ right click on the file and choose open in text editor) Then find the line about half way down the screen that says: ro.sf.lcd_density=160 Change the number down (127 seems to be the one that allows tablet services to kick in and stop things like the kindle app from force closing when you open a book). Thsi will make things appear oddly when you change to portrait though, but I can use kindle and perfect viewer and play video (both flash and normal files) perfectly at this dpi.
  7. Installing Modaco R8 will wipe the existing rom anyway, your best bet would be to install the Corvus 5 rom though, it has a few extra bits built in for usb host mode and plays flash well. The thread is here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1043506 and there is one on Modaco too so there is a lot of instruction and help. And the Vega is pretty difficult to brick
  8. You would really need a rear mounted camera in order to use it as anything other than a chat type web cam anyway, its practically uselsess for taking pictures of anything other than your own face.
  9. More importantly: @Zebwen But, on an important note... Zoodles Kid Mode now works in Honeycomb on the Vega. My daughter might let me have my Transformer back now :/
  10. Fixing permissions just examines the index of permissions an app should have and make sure they are correctly set, so it wont wipe it. To get to recovery, look in your apps list and see if rom manager is there, if not install it from the market. If you have to install it make sure that under the heading at the top (Flash ClockworkMod Recovery) it states you have one installed, if not just press that heading and it will download and flash recovery for you. Once thats done press Reboot into Recovery. once rebooted you will see lots of orange text, use the volume buttons to go up and down and the back and power buttons to select and go back. Choose advanced options and then fix permissions
  11. So you installed the rom yourself? Or are you using the one that came with it when you accquired the tablet? Sounds like corruption, or possibly permissions problem. If its Corvus you have it might be worth rebooting into recovery and using the advanced/fix permissions option.
  12. Which rom are you using for a start? May be worth actually setting up an account on the mail app and see if that changes things?
  13. Zebwen's last tweet: @Zebwen OK, totally knackard, time for bed. Wifi will have to wait until tomorrow, the Vega now has a stock Iconia A500 img booting with HW accel ;)
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