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  1. I was just tiding up my Diamond after wiping it and I was a bit over zelous with my deleting. I deleted my Templates folder in the process, can someone send this to me? Thanks
  2. There are loads of free programs which act as a PDF creators on PC but does anyone know if a similar program is available on WinMo? I am looking to update details on an Excel spreadsheet and converting it to a PDF for emailing. Thanks
  3. That is how it is currently set. It seems to use the ActiveSync connection as the preferred connection and then use wireless connections if required, eg to pick up MMS. It doesn't seem to block the ActiveSync connection.
  4. How do I go about stopping the pass through connection in ActiveSync? When I am at work I plug my phone into my laptop so it can charge, sync via IntelliSync and I can control it via MyMobiler. When it is connected it connects to the net via my works connection, now as they block everything I am bound to be getting loads of blocked hits on our filtering software as my phone tried to check my e-mail accounts and other stuff. Is there anyway to stop the ActiveSync pass-through? All instructions I find are based on older versions of ActiveSync and my version, 4.5 doesn't have the same options. I would like the device to be able to be able to use its own connections to keep checking e-mail etc while connected to the PC. Is this possible and what do I need to do to get it working? Thanks
  5. I used to use pRSS Reader which is free but since I got my Trinity I have started to use RSS Hub rather than install more software. Seems to work with podcasts, including the Chris Moyles one for me. Maybe its a connectivity issue or a problem with the site when you tried to add it?
  6. I had a quick play with a G1 a while back in the T-Mobile store and didn't think a huge lot about it, I figured it would be nice to install it on my old Trinity but this doesn't look possible. Anyway today a contractor comes into work today and we were chatting and he has one, I asked him how he was finding it, he really likes it. He was showing me some of the features and most I was thinking yeah my WM device does that (Google maps with GPS, VNC, web browsing, scrolling by finger etc) but one thing caught my eye: the barcode scanner. This program lets you "scan" a barcode by pointing the camera at it, it then takes the barcode, goes off to a back end database to get the product name and then does a search via Google Products for the item you scanned. Fantastic I thought, can be stood in Game, scan the barcode of a PS3 game and straight away know that I can save £10 by buying the product online! That should save some impulse buys! But does anyone know if anything like this is available on WM?
  7. This is a slightly off topic post but isn't this type of update the kind of stuff we'd expect Microsoft to be feeding us down the "Windows Update" program on the device? I just did a manual check in hope it would be there but no new updates. Has anyone ever seen anything come down through the Windows Update?
  8. I have a C550 collecting dust, if your interested give me a shout. I also have a c500 on wm6, MDA Compact 2 and a m700 all of which are spare :lol: Let me know if you want any of them.
  9. Thanks I will check this out.
  10. Just had a thought today, PDAs would lend themselves very well to the likes of Theme Park World or Theme Hospital. I think these games would be ideal for PDAs as they are not graphics intensive and the likes of Theme Hospital was relatively simple and would probably work well. After a bit of googling I can't find anything like this so I am just wondering if anyone else has discovered a game like this? Thanks
  11. You should be able to find what you need over here.
  12. LSmith4285

    3G Router

    This is what your after. Its a Vodafone 3G router, plug in a 3G card and away you go. It used to be available from Voda direct with the card but I can't see it on their website. Obviously using a 3G card you all share the 3G's bandwidth which will be dependant on location and reception. I use a 3G card in my work tablet and the bandwidth can be limiting at times and thats me using it on my own.
  13. Thanks very much! I never knew that option was there.
  14. I have noticed that the font size used on the Diamond seems to be bigger than what I had on my Trinity or Charmer. To give a few example's the writing on the today screen (i've turned off TouchFlo) is bigger meaning I can't see as many upcoming appointments. I can view 8 e-mails in one screen on the Trinity and only 6 on the Diamond. Is there a setting somewhere I can change this to the old default? Thanks
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