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  1. nerox1

    APP2SD problem

    i have this software : firmware : 2.1-update1 kernel i used dsixda's HTC Android Kitchen to modify the ROM and rooted it and and every thing goes good but the problem now in app2sd , i inserted it in the ROM and first i made the SD like this : fat 32 , ext3 and after insert the card i get message said damaged SD and after that i change the card to : fat 32 , ext3 , swap and i had the same problem damaged SD , at the end i made the card like this : fat32 , ext2, swap after that it didn't give me that error massage but even i saw that the programs installed on phone memory not on the card , and this is very badddd as i install lot of programs , what is the solution !!!! another question or attention there is no anything show in the phone that app2sd is installed like icon or something else .... thanks for help
  2. hi there nerox1, i have a few questions so that we might know better your situation. 1. do you have the android SDK installed or any working ADB shell? yes.... 2. what version is your HBoot? (to check, poweroff your phone. then hold volume down and power on, then reed the green lines) 1.01.0000 3. have you made your android goldcard? yes 4. you said you want to get beck the rom you stated. are you rooted already? no and if you throw your phone from the 6th floor. before you do that. can you give me the chrome h and c at the back of the phone. mine fell off and dono where already. ^^ hhhhhhhhhh
  3. i tried this , and i get the same results ....
  4. i don't wont to root i want just to go back to this or this rom :- RUU_Legend_HTC_ISR_2.05.461.52_Radio_47.39.35.09_7.08.35.21_release_140015_signe .exe RUU_Legend_HTC_Egypt_1.27.466.5_Radio_47.37.35.09_7.08.35.05_release_129280_sign d.exe
  5. i will get error[140]:bootloader version error ..........
  6. i will get error[140]:bootloader version error ..........
  7. hello all my friends , now i have only two choice first one to throw my self from the Sixth floor or the phone ..... i try all the available ways like (hack4legend-v5.zip) the result not what needed look at pictures and it doesn't work ___________ and i try this post Nov 16 2010, 13:49 Post #1 It's My Party Group Icon Group: Admin Team Posts: 30,170 Favorited Topics: 108 Joined: 6th November 2002 From: Norwich, UK Member No.: 1 Device(s): Many, many... Twitter: @paulobrien If (like me) you got flashed the Legend Froyo OTA and now you can't downgrade, you can do the following.. - Follow this guide to the end (the last stage will appear to have failed) - Temproot with VISIONary r13 (install the downloaded file as per a normal APK) - Once you are temprooted, connect via 'adb' and do 'su' (to get root) then '/data/local/flash_image misc /data/local/misc1-2.img' You should then be able to downgrade in the normal way. You try this at your own risk... I successfully did this on my device, but of course YMMV. wink.gif P _____________________________________________ also no way and try the r4-legend-root no way ,, please helllllllllllllllp my rom now is :- Android :2.2 Baseband kernel build number 3.15.707.3 cl291292 software 3.15.707.3 Helppppppppppppp Help please ...
  8. i need newest untouched rom at all for samsung omnia please because i try many but i have problem with 3G internet Thanks
  9. nerox1

    Jam problem

    i have Dopod 818 Pro (I-MATE Jam) chinese language i try to update it to english but in upgrade the upgrade stop now the device don't turne on , the divce give me serial and usb i try to update agine via usb and i update it the first step go ok but in the radio update it stop again (do any professional one have any idea) the jam still give serial and usb

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