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  1. He already knew how to bring it up as he's read the manual. The question was is it there, as one of the review didn't show it. I clearly answered his question. Whats the problem there?
  2. Gyrator ends a call when face down. Built in, if you put face down on incoming call it ignores it....
  3. I think its enabled by default... Its under Start > Settings > System > Power > Backlight A check box, 'Auto adjust backlight' It doesnt adjust by much and fades between two stages...
  4. no it doesnt... It use the light sensor, NEXT TO the front camera B)
  5. Hmm ordered on monday night with Expansys.... Had to wait for stock (Play wouldn't deliver to anything other than billing address) Found 1 today at handtec, was able to get that for £509.97 all in and cancelled my order with expansys. This is now showing as cancelled! Any one cancelled an order with expansys before? How long till I get my money back you reckon? (they were quick enough to take it!! B) ) So should have my HD tommorrow with any luck from the postie! B)
  6. That the touch HD comes with a 8gig SD card, no matter where you get it from. It dropped to £519.99 on expansys today and they mention an 8GB MicroSD card is included. However, Play also have it at £519.99, but with free shipping, however no mention of the MicroSD card? I want to order now/tommorrow to recieve on wednesday, so could someone just confirm that if I order from Play.com it should still include an 8Gig Card, despite it not being mentioned. Thanks Edit: Just looked again and is now £509.99 on play
  7. Since upgrading to the HTC 6.1 ROM, I cannot seem to get a GPS Signal, neither in CA or in Nav'n'IGO 8? Also when I set GPS in IGO to Auto, it picks up the gps on a different Baud rate to those shown in the settings? Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  8. Cheers guys done that... With off-peak times, does 'manual' mean when I press send/receive??
  9. Oh and Im using the offical 6.1 rom from HTC...
  10. I setup my Kaiser (6.1) to sync wirelessly with my works exchange server last night. I have notice that it tries to CONSTANTLY sync using whatever connection is possible. Is there someway I can change how often it connects to the exchange server, and possbily what connections its allowed to use?
  11. OK, Well I got it to hard reset...eventually. Shame, but at least it works....
  12. Update: It now says; It gave me an option to press SEND to hard reset the device, but that screen dissapeared whilst typing this message.... Gonna see if I can get it back!
  13. Ok, So I have had my TyTn II from around September/October 07 without any major problems! However, Yesterday It seemed it wanted to keep randomly resetting itself. I did nothing about this. This morning when I went to turn the device on it started booting as normal, but once it got the green 'Windows Mobile' screen it frooze. I quickly reset it and tried again, it done the same thing. I left the phone on and transferred my sim and memory card to a spare phone I have. And went to college, whilst leaving the device ON (frozzen on the screen) I returned around 3.5 hrs later to find it STILL frozen on the SAME screen!! I can't remember whether there was a warrenty with the device, but I purchased it from Expansys, using the MoDaCo deal :D I very much hope someone can help me to fix this issue. Thanks.
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