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  1. wasn't this in last season Argos catalogue? I'd have one
  2. Yeh there is that possibility, Android being the only realistic choice for myself, however the right 6.5 device like the HD2 or TG01, are the devices which I will probably choose from in August, could easily handle 7
  3. I like Windows Mobile and I like Zune = me :D :D :lol:! Reading rumors early last week that 7 couldn't multi-task made me think of getting an android device when I upgrade later on in the year, but that video has made me change my mind on 7 completely.
  4. For me its got to be native file compatibility (.doc and .wma) but coupled with the extras that it has like GPS and Wi-Fi (can't live without these two!) make it my best mobile OS.
  5. Device Name : HTC Touch 3G Operating System Version : Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type : Custom ROM (Megade 1.5.3)
  6. Hey Since Tiscali have stopped automatic DNS, is there any way to input DNS settings into Windows Mobile. I've tryed an app called wifiprofiles which has dns setting input but still won't connect, any ideas? Alex
  7. not the best looking fone, the old omnia is much better looking, gud specs though on the new 1
  8. i hate people who av got it in to their thick heads that the iPhone is the best phone in the world when it has taken Apple 3 software updates just to put copy and paste into the the OS
  9. Installed MyPhone yesterday on my Wizard, synced my SMSs with it because I've just re-flashed it to a new build of WM6.5, so I'm going to download them back on to my phone if its possible
  10. Hi, I'm a Business student here in the UK. The first two questions can be answered with a no because we'd rather use a proper web browser, a proper computer and have anti-viurs software so our private and confidentional data couldn't be hacked into. As question 3 and 4 relate, price is a factor for the majority of users. We don't really want to run up huge bills through our GPRS or our HSDPA connections. And if your from Yorkshire like me where we are all tight and not like spending money them nobody would connect to the web on their mobile. Myself I find the social networking apps and sites most useful and will also browse on eBay alot when I'm out of the house however I won't use my GPRS connection because its rather expensive so I will also find a Wi-Fi hotspot or something. Once privacy and our own personal data is safe for mobile OS's and mobile browsers then it would be a start to motoviate people as they would feel safe to use e-commerce on a mobile scale. Personally I don't really have much need for on the go web connectivity as I've a wireless internet connection at home and them at school which is the same however I do know people that want and use web on the move either through their GPRS or HSDPA connections on their phones where they have unlimited data tariff or will use dongles which plug into their laptops or netbooks. To conclude I can see 'm-commerce' being more promintent in future years as companies will find solutions for the privacy issues which people have but for now people will still go to the shops or use e-commerce. Alex
  11. Hi I have an VPA Compact III V1605 (HTC HERMES) and I'm probably gonna stick it on eBay. Has anybody got any ideas of the final price as it has a broken digitizer and it comes with all original accesories expect the earphones? Thanks Alex
  12. i've tried this on my Wizard which is running WM6.5 which caused a hard reset. Is there a patched WM6.5 driver for it?
  13. I only use opera coz IE wont work but its full web browsing so its better. I just need to change it from Media Player to Streaming Media and it will work i think
  14. Just tried it on my Hermes and when I clicked 'Click to Play' it went to media player and then came up with file is corrupt or device doesn't support it. But I'll re-visit my settings coz I don't think it saved them!
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