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  1. Read http://www.modaco.com/content/Smartphone-G...a-MIDlet-Bible/
  2. Nope. Read http://www.modaco.com/content/Smartphone-G...a-MIDlet-Bible/
  3. Also see my thoughts at http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums...b0-afb1717b3049
  4. I think it's a bit early to announce a winner. Android could do better (the iPhone still has FAR better 3rd party software support and is, generally, a much friendlier op. system) so I think WP7 will have an easy time beating Android. Unless there won't be third party apps at all for WP7, of course.
  5. Agreed. Wait for WP7, don't buy anything that can't be upgraded to WP7 unless you're absolutely sure you won't want to upgrade. Don't get the current iPhone 3G S either given that the new model will be FAAAR better.
  6. Frankly, I don't think HTC will listen. I've been bugging them with the TI and the Samsung touchscreen CPU issues for 5 years - and their current models still exhibit the same bugs, greatly slowing down program execution when the screen is pressed.
  7. wowz! thanks for the heads-up. Will give it a try too. BTW, when do you plan to release a final version of SG so that I can post a lengthy review of it, along with some real-world videos demoing the BT controls? :huh:
  8. During the testing of the native Windows Mobile version of the current Opera Mini 5 beta (see THIS for more info), I've routinely tested it on my old, WM2003-only iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC. Of course, the CAB installer didn't work as it's compressed; nevertheless, after manual decompression, the app itself did. That is, it's fully compliant with both WM2003 and WM2003SE, which is great news for all users stuck with those old operating systems and not having received any WM2003(SE)-compliant browser for ages. (AFAIK, it was Opera Mobile 8.65, almost three years ago, that still supported the OS – nothing after that, except for, of course, the PIE plug-ins.) Therefore, I quickly remade the CAB file so that it also runs under WM2003(SE). It's HERE for download. (UnZIP it before installing!) Here's a quick tutorial for anyone wanting to do the same: 1, in order to decompress the original CAB file (along with its INF file), download MSCEInf from, for example, HERE 2, in order to recompress the new and, now, WM2003-compliant CAB file, download CabWiz. It's part of Visual Studio and can also be found bundled with many CAB creator tools; for example, QuickCab 2.0 available HERE. Download the latter; you'll only need to keep the two cabwiz.* files (cabwiz.exe and cabwiz.ddf). Incidentally, should you just quickly want to deploy some files in some predefined places (the app doesn't support relocation) and/or make some changes to the Registry, feel free to play with QuickCab itself. For our needs, it's not adequate as it doesn't support relocation, while Cabwiz does. Therefore, we only need to download it in order to extract the CabWiz files from it. 3, decompress MSCEInf anywhere on your PC; run it. Drag-and-drop the original, WM5-only CAB file in it. 4, click the „Extract CAB Files with original names in a folder” icon (the 7th on the toolbar from the left). Unpack the files to a previously empty directory anywhere. It'll, in addition to the files, create an INF file, containing the names of the files to pack, the shortcuts to create, the strings needed for installing the app in any other place than the built-in RAM and so on. 5, copy the two cabwiz.* files in the same directory where the just-generated INF file resides and enter „cabwiz name-of-exported-inf-file”. The CAB file will be created. As the cabwiz.ddf file defines cabwiz's output as uncompressed (see the Compress=OFF flag in it), the file will already be compliant with pre-WM5 operating systems. Note that you'll need the excellent and free CabInstl app to install the app on any other location than the built-in RAM. Also note that I've also tested Opera Mobile 10. Neither beta 1 nor the final version are compatible with WM2003(SE).
  9. 20 mp on such a small CCD / CMOS? Think of the noise issue - not even 5 Mpixels can be put there w/o major noise issues. In addition, not even point and shoot cameras have 1080p, not a single one of them - to expect mobile phones to support 1080p is pretty naive. The number of 1080p cameras among DSLR's isn't very high either.
  10. yup, it seems to have problems with the keyboard handling, as has also been reported in the official forums - http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=440371 Hope they do fix this soon. In the meantime, use the Java version.
  11. 1. another vote for SmartGear - it's unbeatable 2. also make sure you read my emulation-specific articles, I also elaboate in their SP compatibility - what is more, I've tested the reviewed app on my s710.
  12. BTW, will you come to MSN? <_< I have some questions for you so that I can post my latest news item on SG.
  13. Wowz! You're a hero! I've just returned from my travels and can, finally, test your stuff! I'll post a very detailed review very soon.
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