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  1. just come from iphone and HTC sensation both excellent but I wanted to go back to windows phone (had a HTC HD7 before) but with a keyboard I must say this is the best phone I have ever had The construction is beautiful, the keyboard is the best I have ever used (=BB), its lighteningly quick, the IE browser is better then webkit (I can enter some forms in ebay and on forums that I could never do on iphone), the screen is super sharp and marketplace is full enough for me (flight control & angry birds ). I really hope that Dell brings out a non-keyboard version (as this is more popular) and markets these hard to service providers come mango. Dell showed it could make great handheld hardware with the old Axim range, and now the venue pro. I really hope Dell make a success of their smartphone business, they really deserve to! I strongly recommend these phones to people that want a beautiful phone with keyboard. Especially as Dell is occasionally doing various forms of discounts on these now.
  2. yes by far the best deal: http://www.mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/Brands...43/p107027.aspx 25x24=£600 less £30 quidco 24 months for cheaper then 12 months on vodafone. And also unlocked/generic phone pre-order only at the moment Also hidden but available at Phones4u: http://www.phones4u.co.uk/shop/shop_contra...91&NetKey=2 25x24=£600 less £35 quidco Note phones4u is vodafone branded at the moment. They hope to get generic by the end of the month I have looked at every combination and these are unbeatable
  3. I like the look and build of the HD7 more The Andoird OS is great but fussy and mixed up. the key with a phone is that 90% of the time you want to know messages, emails and status of key things like shares and exchange rates and weather. MS has provided the tile system, which will improve with age, and the simple icon view as well (which will eventually become grid like, possibly in the WM diamond grid). Android can do widgets but they are clumsy and difficult to have more then 1 on the screen. Apple seems old fashined by comparison now. the tiles are genius. Hopefully in the future they will become even more active and also be resizable (so you can have 3 columns) rgds
  4. the best unlock site is: www.htcimeiunlock.com, mainly because they are the only one with a database instant checker online, before you have paid I have also used www.unlock-now.com with success. www.htccode.com I have not used, but I have talked to customer support and they seem knowledgable lastly unlocking.com I have used many times and they are very good. They also do HTCs but basically cover all phones. I think they are one of, if not the biggest rgds
  5. not sure if this is a UK O2 comment, but they are locked HTCIMEIUNLOCK has the codes for all but the latest batch which hopefully they should have in 1 to 2 weeks
  6. no only splash screen on boot and O2 theme when you unlock, the connection setup asks for your provider, then sets up automatically
  7. I don't get the lagging issues in the way many are describing them, or at least don't find it an issue. I have an O2 build with rom F1 (most people are on G5) and there are occasional hesitations but nothing that gets in the way of enjoyment of the phone. I find it faster then my iphone 4. I wouldn't be detered by this. The main downsides with the phone are the super-lightweight and thinness, some folk like a chunkier phone which weighs more. Additionally, Samsung would have done well to have a non-slip back cover, rather then a smooth backcover. There is no flash for the camera, and its not as good as the iphone, but its better then most HTC camera phones. Otherwise there is nothing like this screen display and speed on the market. Its difficult to describe the speed increase over previous phones I have had (inc. the HTC legend). Its like the Samsung is scoffing at your commands, like it thinks they are below it :angry: I bought this so I would not have to get a smaller phone and a dell streak for browsing. This does a great job, also the phone is good as well. Thats one thing about Samsung and Nokia, they always get the phone system right.
  8. I have has nexus one, htc legend, iphone 3gs and 4 . The samsung galaxy s is the best smartphone i have ever used. The screen is amazing. I am also using the default o2 f1 rom and feel no need to upgrade (until froyo). The main thing i would have changed is to have a grippy back, like the desire. Perhaps some 3rd party co (or samsung) will produce one. Although the back is fine. I also wish therr were more cases, but they will come in time. At the moment i am using a golla slip case which fits just right and was only £7.99 from a tmobile store. Rgds
  9. thanks all where do I get the 512 pit file ?
  10. thanks for that I read on the chain that for many people the flash of JG5 didn't work for some it worked if they re-partioned the internal memory for others they used a different .pit file seems a bit worrying. did yours just go smoothly ? which pit file did you use, the one on samsung-firmwares ?
  11. I want the most reliable My phone came with JF1 It looks like folk are having difficulty with JG5 alot and JG3 a little. Is JG1 best ?
  12. Paul, all the pics for the phones in the Device specific fourm show nice frontal shots Any reason why the Dell Streak one is showing its butt ?? Are you try to tell us something about fat bottomed phones being the most cuddly :) LOL
  13. have you or partner or colleague a non-O2 SIM to try ?
  14. not available for vodafone yet debrand your phone and use generic rom
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