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  1. I'm guessing that they will decline to comment on this one as it's kinda asking about unreleased stuff but their comments on Snapdragon on HTC branded devices?
  2. I have another bug with my Diamond. Sometimes the backlight fails to turn off which obviously really kills the battery life. Yet to discover why it's doing this.
  3. My Diamond gets quite toasty when charging but it's not the battery that gets warm but the area around the USB socket. As for charging issues I've not had any trouble with USB cables on the PC but I've not been able to charge the Diamond with an in-car charger despite using a few different ones.
  4. Cool, and HP recommends Vista Home Premium - that'd be cool on the 614! :D
  5. Sounded like a good idea until I read the small print. Basicaly by submitting a game you sign it over to them totally, including it's IP and they can then do whatever they want with it and win or lose they get to keep it!
  6. Guessed that was the case but thought I'd ask a leading question.
  7. Nice one Paul. Question though - is there a way to hard reset the WM6 side of the SHIFT and if so does the liberation survive? Dade
  8. Write that software - I'd buy a license!
  9. Guys, hope you take this as constructive feedback, I'm in no way trying to knock what you are doing here, the podcast is a cool idea. However, I know you are relatively new to all this but do you think you could try and avoid all the 'erm' and 'er's while you are talking? Once you notice them it gets to be a little irritating. I'm sure you'll improve as time goes by and you become more relaxed and natural in your delivery so please do keep up the good work! Oh and FYI, I was just like this when I started the unbox videos and do you know how hard it is to consciously NOT say something!? :)
  10. Slow to start up? Really? Mine runs like it's on speed!
  11. There is a slightly easier way to do this. First make the usb key bootable then copy the i386 folder and all its contents from the WindowsXP CD to the usb key. Boot the Eee from the USB key and when you get to the dos prompt type cd i386 so it looks like this E:\I386 replacing E with the drive letter of your usb. Next type winnt.exe hit enter xp should then start to install.
  12. is there no way of fudging XP so that it doesn't classify the SD card as a removable storage card ?
  13. Always in one take and most of the time I havent seen the stuff until the video. Some say it's dirty but it's my raw style! ;)
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