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  1. wow these forums are dead....
  2. i just updated to the latest ROM from HTC today which so far went poorly, i decided it had been a while and sure enough there was an update, yesterday i tried to use the camera and it locked up on me and ever since i cannot get the camera or video recorder to initialize, when i select them i just get the windows working logo for a second and nothing.....so i figured updating the ROM should straighten that out right? nope, now i dont have a camera or video recorder icon/option at all!!! its like my phone doesnt have a camera at all!!! that pisses me off!!..........anyways i attempted to app unlock the phone through the registry as i have always done using these values: however 0000 1001 is already set to 2, no need to change that 0000 1005 is set to 16 but when i try to change to 40 it says Error, unable to perform this action 0000 1017 is set to 16 not 128, and again, i try to change to 144 and it says again Error, unable to perform this action also tried this but i get the same thing Error, unable to perform this action so i go ahead, downloaded the CF2.0 installed, also installed latest TPC 2.0b4 or whatever it is here, the latest version and installed (btw, they both installed without having successfully app unlocking the phone, maybe this ROM is already app unlocked?) however now every time i access the TPC application i get error messages over and over: Error Initialization Failed Reason: Can't map I/O its been a long time since i did this and i seem to remember having the same problem last time and finding a fix, but for the life of me i can't remember what i did or where i found the info help guys, thanks
  3. nobody_here

    Cingular 3125 speakerphone function

    nobody knows uh.......... :)
  4. I cannot figure out how to receive a call, change to speakerphone mode, and then be able to close the phone and still talk. My Motorola V325 does this as do many other flip phones I have had or used or seen.....the shape of this phone makes it awkward to just set down in a vehicle and use while open....i want to be able to close the phone and still carry on a conversation....help
  5. nobody_here

    Qtek StrTrk Internal Memory

    you can unlock this phone and flash the Cingular ROM to it, one advantage being Clear Vue Suite integrated into the Cingular ROM http://www.modaco.com/Iand39ve-installed-t...00-t250816.html of course you can't physically make the internal memory larger.....too bad the European model has so little, but it's the same as my 2125 i think, and as long as i had my flash memory SD card in the phone it was never an issue do yourself a favor and grab a 1Gb Micro SD card to stick in it, i dont know what your options are, but a site we use in the US is newegg.com which has 1Gb Micro SD cards as cheap as $25 USD + $3 USD shipping, very inexpensive
  6. nobody_here

    Cingular 3125 Extended Battery with Cover

    it's not bad....i don't know what the 2125 had for a battery, but it seems about the same, i have charged my phone about three times and have had it over a week, so about every other day, but i am also using Bluetooth all the time, Active Sync stays synchronized to our exchange server 24/7 (instant emails), etc.....so it's pretty good

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