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  1. The WiFi on my Blue Angel (SPVm2000) will not turn on from the Wireless Manager. The yellow light flashes, indicating that it is on, but no icon appears in the bar at top, and it will not connect. I have tried re-installing the ROM, hard reseting, softreseting and everything I could think of. Any thoughts?
  2. Tom H

    Help for Newbie!

    Right then, I'll look when it's fully downloaded Cheers! Tom
  3. Tom H

    Help for Newbie!

    So is there a readme for how to do this? Tom
  4. Tom H

    Help for Newbie!

    Thanks so much! So it is a two step process? which one should I do first?
  5. Tom H

    Help for Newbie!

    Thanks, but it isn't obvious to me whether this will upgrade me to windows mobile 5. Sorry to be such a pain! Tom
  6. I need to unlock my SPV M2000. As I have to go through the complicated ROM process anyway, I thought I might as well try and upgrade to windows mobile 5 at the same time. Is there a ROM available (don't mind paying a small amount of money on ebay) that will unlock my SPV m2000, and upgrade it at the same time? Thanks so much for your help guys! Tom

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