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  1. I contacted HTC. They asked me to do a hard reset (I've done it three times now). Still the problem returns within an hour or so. HTC refuse to replace and want to "repair" it. What a joke. So took it back to where I got it and because the problem is intermitent they have kept it until they see it for themselves. So back with the reliable HD.
  2. Suddendly (and I've not installed new s/w) my HD2 is freezing when it wakes up. Not always but in the past 2 days I've had to take the battery out a dozen times. When you hit the power button to wake it up the screen comes on but none of the touch screen works so you can't unlock. Sometimes it comes back after a while but mostly I've had to take the battery out. Anyone else had this problem? Rob.
  3. I've got one on back order with Expansys...not sure for how long as I went into a shop on Tottenham Court road today and they had a demo machine (as in it was a production model but they were letting you play with it). The screen was jumpy as hell. Random characters when typing. I also swear you can get the screen to react without actually touching it - almost like static sets it off. Anyway they claimed it was faulty and it was going back..but then again it seemed to behave like many of the posts I've seen here and on XDA. So frustrating....don't want an iPhone but those things just work....sigh. Rob.
  4. Got my Touch HD yesterday and had a small play with it - no extensive. Initial questions I have are 1. Some applications aren't landscape/portrait aware from the accelerometer - can you force the screen to rotate? I can't see the option in the settings and it was there on my TyTnII 2. Opera - following links seems hit or miss - for instance the bbc website looks fab on the screen but I can't get a link to be followed except by opening it in a new tab 3. Flo Music player - like previous windows mobile devices I've owned I get an audible click occasionally when music is playing. It might be related to being on the tube and it searching for a signal. I tried putting it in airplane mode which seemed to reduce the frequency but no eliminate it. Is there a fix/work around for this? 4. Flo Photo browser - how do you configure it to look in different folders for photos? 5. Heptactic feedback - this seems to only work on the answer/reject/home/back buttons and sometimes in opera - why not on the keyboard? Can that be turned on? Observations 1. TouchFlo much faster than previous diamond versions - no lag at all from what I've seen 2. Screen is fantastic - when you show people for the first time there is always a "wow!" 3. Sound - apart from comment above it's really good and loud! 4. My daughter (8) thinks its the coolest phone she's ever seen! Robert.
  5. I've just had a bizarre conversation with Orange retention claiming I'd already been offered a £20 per month off my contract deal plus unlimited data. Think I might have remembered that conversation! When I questioned her about the unlimited data she said that every day you accumulate points depending on how long you are on line for and if high enough you get offered unlimited data. Now this could be a coincidence but I installed dashwire in the last month and I suspect my data use has gone nuts....perhaps a way to get upgraded to unlimited data? Anyway too late for Orange as I've gone to T-Mobile with Expansys and should get the Touch HD tomorrow or Wednesday.... Robert.
  6. I'm equally a long time Orange customer but they didn't give a stuff about my contract ( despite having some months in the year where my bill has been in the hundreds of pounds! ). Never been offered unlimited data. So in conclusion I'd suggest you take that deal as it sounds pretty good... I'm switching to T-mobile with Expansys to get my HD.
  7. Surely some mistake the voiceover in the video says the phone won't work in the USA. Surely he means that some of the high rate data rates won't?
  8. Maybe I'm missing a piece of knowledge but Expansys are showing the Touch HD available on a T-Mobile tariff for £40 a month http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=175247 which has 1000 Minutes,1GB Data and I think unlimited texts. So the phone is a little more than Orange are quoting but the package is way better, is there a down side to buy a phone this way?
  9. http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...touch_hd/detail It's on the orange site....coming soon.
  10. It's Live!! http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...touch_hd/detail
  11. Great video - It's a shame that it doesn't show the onscreen keyboard - that's the achilles heal potentially of this device....
  12. Out of interest which tarrif do you think you are going for? I've been with Orange from years and I've got a fanatstic package which I'm somewhat loath to do give up but they are playing a silly game with me. Basically they will offer me a Diamond for free if I sign for another 12 months but if I don't take the phone they won't reduce the tarrif further - don't get the logic here - yes they pay way less than we do for the phone but there is still a cost in supplying it to me. Could I sell the phone on ebay for any decent amount of money? Are the rumours that Orange will have the X1 true?
  13. How does the X1 keyboard compare to the Touch Pro's? Also in general how are the two phones against each other? Bar the screen resolution and the Sony panels interface is this really much difference? I'm out of contract with Orange, waiting for my pac code and wondering where to move and for what phone...need it for Exchange connectivity - I need some advice!! Robert.
  14. Is this a bug? I can set items in the Today screen but nothing happens. When I return to it they are unset again.
  15. I'm amazed...phone Orange retentions said I was going to leave. Got a free Kaiser on £30 canary with 30mb for £8 a month....but they gave me a £20 a month credit. So that's just £18 for 250mins/150SMS. Stunned. Got the phone - trying to get the GPS to work with Google Maps...
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