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  1. Please go to this topic http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...wow-hd-1-5-1-0/
  2. PHM Registry or resco explorer with registry addin. for now rith have add this registry in his cab yor can use it. Thks.
  3. I have SRS_I900_OMNIA_FIX_POWER.CAB (169.35 KB) SRS_WOW_FOR_OMNIA_WITH_BT_STEREO_FIX.rar ( 60.02K ) it same version and SRS_WOW_HD_1.5.1.0_I900_OMNIA.CAB ( 69.94K ) this is rith's version you can test for all that can working on our device and use it because some rom can work with one of them. With my version is working for most of rom but if not working you can try version 1.5.1 or R2VS that produce by rith. Thks.
  4. For last test of WOW. It confict with S2U2 only If I not have S2U2 problem has gone. and no need to disable "Power off when not use Device" I test within 12 Hours. and not have power problem. (I press power button to turn off screen and leave it alone) It look good for now.
  5. I have solution to use A2VS ON Bluetooth stereo http://download.come2store.com/Cryingman/R...T_FIX_OMNIA.reg Use regedit program to import it or edit [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\BtA2dpSnd] "OutputDevice"="bta2dp.dll" "Dll"="R2VS_ARM_WM5_PPC_Driver.dll" soft reset and it work on Blueooth. R2VS_BT_FIX_OMNIA.zip
  6. I think It about rom Version I use IA5 from taril and it work. For now I think we cand use A2VS it to compatible with omnia as well as SRS. Thks.
  7. OK. for this case please tell me your rom version. Now I try to change some registry to fix it. For testing you try to uninstall srs wow and s2u2 and install srs wow again then tell me how it is work? for now I testing new registry for few hour without s2u2. Thk.
  8. It is not Programe, It's Sound driver for Omnia. You can see wow HD Setting in Start Menu/setting/System tab. You can use any your feverite program to play your song or movie and hear sound improvment. BT Fix need if you want to hear SRS WOW on Your BT STEREO. Sorry for My bad eng.
  9. Thanks. You can post it to htcspain.com if you need. Please give little cradits to me. Sorry for my bad eng.
  10. In this case you need to hard reset and then fresh install it. It only way to take it can work.
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