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  1. dwlewisii

    Homescreen guide for beginners

    Great write up. I just a have a novice question, I'm sure. How do I write it so that the plugin I select is not colored? That is, I just want it to be transparent? I'm so close to getting it! this is the plugin I want to change: state="selected" bgcolor="transparent" /> state="selected" bgcolor="transparent" /> state="selected" bgcolor="transparent" /> state="selected" bgcolor="transparent" />
  2. Love your stuff Paholman, its been great! have one question for you: I have a blackjack with WM6..how can I use your startup and shutdown screen...better yet, how do I set it up with my own creation...whats that .dll file you were talking about
  3. Well thats cool Aoi, as I have the i607 and am dying to get that cardwheel..im not much of a programmer, but i love hacking regs, so if I can help in any way let me know...and kudos to you for taking on this venture!
  4. Ive been trying to search the forums...on the cardwheel, I have the carosoul wheel from Cars, and it appears the same as what im seeing in the screen shots, but it appears as a secondary app...if someone can shed some light id appreciate this...is this the same?
  5. I have an smt from ATT, and I ran an app from smartphone.net that tests to see if your phone is app locked...it said It was. That being the case, can someone confirm that the phone IS indeed locked and how can we app unlock? by the by, as soon as I can, I want to upgrade my modaco membership...you guys are well worth supporting!!! Dan
  6. dwlewisii

    Phone Settings Repository

    I have looked and looked...has anyone gotten the MMS to work on the smartphone on the AT&T network? I have tried everything.. God Bless Dan
  7. anyone here use mMode? when I go to the mMode website and attempt to access mail, I get the error: "This file cannot be viewed on the device" I hit ok and then the message is "the page you are looking for cannot be found" a month ago, this was working fine. I can access all other mMode sites but this one. help
  8. Hello all, yeah, it's weired...I turned the phone on, and its gone! I didn't install any software, hadnt done any changes, and I even switched the home screens (i was using the carvas one)the date shows, the sms, email, vmail shows, the carrier shows, just no text in the calendar/appointment area. i can highlight it and click on it and it opens up the calendar with appointments for today...weird... ...anyone seen anything like this? thanks!
  9. pm me and ill give u the details....i use att and the spv great
  10. no, I guess thats what im missing...dont know where to get it
  11. I cant get this hme to work...ive looked at the xml code and I see some things there that dont quite look right, but i cant put my finger on... cheers LCDFinal.hme
  12. dwlewisii

    Setting up E100 with AT&T service

    Folks, I am so close to being able to send mms via at&t. I have followed the above but its not working...any suggestions? is this the right settings? any help would be appreciated
  13. dwlewisii

    Setting up E100 with AT&T service

    For those interested, I am able to access all mMode on the e100
  14. dwlewisii

    UK/FR/DK 1.61 Update is here!

    Ok, The upgrade went great, the phone is sim-unlocked, but I've tried to app-unlock via orange's site, and it takes me to the page where it says that I should receive an sms that its been unlocked, but no such luck. i've scoured Modaco and read about the pass-through, but im not following why I need to do the pass through. do I need to access the site and try to decert via my phone? I'm here in the US on AT&T, so if there is anyone out there that can maybe give me a more detailed instruct, or point me to a previous post, I'd be happy and ill send a pie to ya!
  15. Hello: when I copied these over I get: no home screen layout can be found.Is there something wrong with my phone, or is there something with the /xml? Thanks

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