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  1. Have to seen Today launched N96 ? That has 16gb onboard + Micro sd slot but that will come in 3rdquarter ! N96
  2. Ok guys , hows the Vario 3 loudspeaker ? I mean when playing music on it ? Is it like Vario 2 or worse ?
  3. Hi guys got a offer for Vario III for 362 Gbp brand new but locked is it worth it ? Is locking is free or i've pay to imeicheck ? P:s Is it true that vario III is not louder than vario II ?
  4. Yes that seems the only option left , But few sellers don't prefer to ship abroad ;)
  5. Anyone who except ebay ? I'm looking for one , any idea how much does it cost ?
  6. Anybody is agree with me that vario 2 looks sexy ? this one is rather looks dull imo .
  7. )^Y

    The 'I got my Vario III' thread

    can somebody is able to post a picture of vario 3 back ? Thanks in advance ;)
  8. Thanks Paul :rolleyes: magic_peanuts Any info you got on kaiser release I love that Device , But there's no word from Htc on it's release date , Otherwise i've to stick with Athena for 12 months lol...
  9. Any info wheather O2/orange will launch athena ? So i expect a black colour from Orange , Btw you recommend buying athena ? Thanks
  10. I was Getting Ameo soon , So wanna do if it come in black , Silver is just looks so so .
  11. U can deleted Call duration by using Mtty commans but firstly make your device supercid !
  12. )^Y

    Nokia N95 now launched on Orange

    Screen prob > That's Normal ,i've had N93 previous their screen is same as N95 No u don't worry abt screen , & It's slider is bit loose .
  13. So In market who sells Zinc so from where they got from ? It's avail in market Weird
  14. Didn't u read Paul Comment he said His ameo does fits in his Levi's Jeans but @ back pocket where u keep ya wallet ;)

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