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  1. Happily, that worked a treat. Somehow one of the wifi adaptors had changed to using an assigned IP address rather than using whatever its being told to use. Silly phone. Thanks muchly :) For the benefit of others, the relevant posts are; http://www.modaco.com/content/leo-leo-moda...hd2-wifi-issue/ (all about the problem, symptoms etc) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=11 (the fix :D)
  2. Nice one, il have a mooch. However, other devices (laptops, this pc, etc) all seem to be accessing the wifi no problem at all. Or are you referring to other mobile devices?
  3. Hello one and all, Im suddenly having some trouble with WiFi on my HD2. To cut a long story short, its saying its connected to our home network (all access keys and everything are in) but is refusing to work. The only way i can therefore get on to the internet on my phone is to use 3G or whatever, which is much slower. The IP address according to the device is which suggests its not actually connecting, but ive tried a soft reset, turning WiFi on/off and nothing seems to sort it. I notice that if i have WiFi turned on via connection manager then I cant get any internet access. The only way i can make internet work is to turn Wifi off and have just the data connection open. Any clues anyone?
  4. I tried the desire in the carphone warehouse and couldnt get my head around it, it felt very gimmicky. I couldnt try the HD2 because it wasnt in stock anywhere so i bought one from mobiles.co.uk who have a returns period so you can try it with another sim card and see. Im glad i went with the HD2, personally, but then maybe if i had a play with the desire properly for a few days then it may be different. One point re: damage with the HD2, a friend of mine has had a HD2 for a few months now, and shes the kind that falls over and drops things a lot when shes drunk (an ex-student). I had a fiddle with her phone the other day and its not got a scratch on it, despite being dropped loads of times in clubs and all sorts. The screen is, apparently, very scratch resistant. I have now had my HD2 for 2 weeks and there isnt a single mark on it.
  5. Hello everyone Simple question. I think im about to get myself a HD2, and for the first time am going down the data plan route (not having had one for the Diamond). Looking at Orange, they either provide 500MB data usage (on Dolphin contracts) or Unlimited, but in reality 750MB data usage (fair usage) on Panther contracts. I have no idea how much data i go through a month though. Can you lot post roughly how much data you use a month and what kind of usage that entails. Using a mapping software, every day of the month for an hour at a time would use how much, for example. Also audio streaming (listening to the radio or something) uses roughly how much? Do iPhones have fair usage data issues and if so what is there general usage? What i dont want to do is get the 500MB package and find myself regularly getting close/over the limit and costing myself a fortune, and similarly i dont want to be only using 200MB if im on the Unlimited plan. Thanks Steve P.S. Does the HD2 have any way of keeping an eye on data usage?
  6. Im finally getting around, 12 months after getting the phone, to updating the ROM/Radio. I want to backup data first but im not sure 1) which software to use (it wont let me get Sprite from the HTC website) and 2) what will actually be wiped! My diamond, i guess like others, has an inbuilt storage card. Does any of the data on there get wiped? Is it purely the stuff thats in My Documents that gets wiped? The safest way i guess would be to simply transfer all of the data from the diamond (including everything on the storage card) onto my pc so its safe on the hard drive and then copy across anything i need. Will this work (particularly for contacts etc, or are they stored somewhere else?) Bit vague, sorry!
  7. Im having the same issue, sound everywhere i can find is up but i cant hear it ringing, god knows why. But just having a look for this (and im sure ive seen it before), i cant find the 'Ring' tab? EDIT: Ah, nay mind, ive found it now. I keep forgetting that tab is there :|
  8. Its an average ;) Some days its considerably more. Anyway, ive been watching videos on youtube most of the evening, done a fair bit of browsing, sent a few messages and recieved 2 calls. Since vii voo's post i turned bluetooth on aswell. When i turned it on i was on 40% battery, it hasnt yet dropped below 30% in 2 hours of, i guess, resonably heavy usage (internet n stuff!)
  9. Its a sexy little minx, which is all the reason you need to buy it. Besides, in reality it isnt THAT slow, most of the time is pretty nippy (seems to struggle when coming out of the opera browser but then thats to be expected i suppose!)
  10. More or less the same story with me. Theres a Data Connection off or on option in the Comms Manager (which is a nice feature, btw!) that allows you to turn the data connection off and just use wifi. However i think if you try to connect to the net or whatever when you dont have a wifi connection it will try and connect by 3G or whatever! BTW, my contract is through orange and, alledgedly, the package i got (dolphin 35) had 2 months of free data up to 250MB. Im not so sure if this actually happened as it appears to have charged me 10p so far according to my orange account thingy, but thats something to keep an eye on and you can maybe see just how much, in real terms, you would actually use. Certainly google maps is brilliant but requires a data connection and if you want satelitte view that will be quite hefty. Then again, just get tom tom, free then ;)
  11. Oh, and the old phone was my sisters old LG Chocolate (only used it since my Jam went south a few months back!) and boy is it a pain in the arse!!
  12. Truth be told i havnt even turned bluetooth on yet, must try that. I got it on about 20th August or so. Il turn it on and let you know!
  13. So it was bound to happen. Butterfingers here has dropped yet another gadget, and my beautiful diamond was it. As i climbed out of our work delivery van earlier, i hadnt noticed my bag strap caught round my leg and suddenly found a pile of cd's, sweets, pens and, disturbingly, phones on the road. There was the Diamond, sunbathing in the middle of the road. Happily, it coped quite well. Didnt even require a reboot or anything, as if nothing had happened. The same cant be said about the case though. Theres some scratches at the top of the back cover (not a biggy really) but most obvious is the dent on the bottom corner, right next to the stylus. Its on that bit which is either metal or plastic (plastic i think) and is pretty obvious. So my diamond isnt pretty anymore ;) *cue some sad music, Adagio for Strings perhaps* Now, i didnt take out insurance with Orange when i got the phone a few weeks back mainly because im a student and cant afford another 6 quid a month. With that in mind, does anyone know they best cosmetic surgeon that can make her look beautiful again? Would Orange and/or HTC be able to do repairs and would it cost me a fortune? Is the part replaceable (im guessing no as it appears to make up the majority of the phone)? Also, where can i get my paws on a new back cover and, finally, which is the best case to go for that keeps it as easy to use as if it were naked, doesnt add a great deal to the dimensions, looks sexy and is able to survive a lifetime with Mr Butterfingers?
  14. Hello! After having rung a few people accidently on nights out, when the phone was in my pocket asleep (turned out to be relatively easy to accidently wake it up and ring someone without me knowing, either by pressing the top bottom or the stylus coming out of its house), ive started putting the phone into keylock mode, which ive set to be initiated by holding the end key. However, noticed this evening that when i pull the stylus out (even if the phone is asleep and locked), the screen becomes active and i can press bottoms and accidently ring people. Not really very handy, it seems like the stylus can come out relatively easy, especially if you hands are in and out of your pockets a lot (betty swallocks or not). Ive had a hunt through the menus but cant seem to find anything on the subject, so does anyone know if its possible, and indeed where, to stop the screen from being activated on removal of the stylus? I can see the point when the screen is in use, during a call or whatever, but not when the poor thing is sleeping! Steve
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