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  1. The Grim Reaper


    Thanks m8 ;)
  2. The Grim Reaper


    Hello, I'm looking for a program or something for my spv m3100 that would allow me to put smiley icons like the ones for (MSN MESSENGER) into my text messages Thanks kev.
  3. The Grim Reaper

    Web Browsers

    Thanks m8 I'll take a look ;)
  4. The Grim Reaper

    ActiveSync 4.5 released

    I got 4.5 version on mine, but when connected to desktop pc via bluetooth to surf the net (desktop in bedroom) after a short while it looses connection. My thought was as it keeps syncing aprox every 15 mins it disconnects it's self automaticly?? Anyone now why or how to keep it connected. Also at the top of activesync the schedule is grey'd out thus unusable is everybody's Thanks in advance kev.
  5. The Grim Reaper

    What browser do you use?

    Why does PIEPLUS only show 3 Google images at any one time? But opera does several??? Also why does opera not let me save an image only text?? But PIEPLUS does is all. Thanks kev.
  6. The Grim Reaper

    Web Browsers

    Hi guys, I have been looking at alternative web browsers for my spv m3100as the default one seems a little plane jane lol. Opera 8, I found is a very fast browser but i found there was no options for save text or images. Minimo is another i have looked at by mozilla, the first thing i noticed about this is it seems a little slow at loading but still testing it and this one is free just Google search it. Has anybody else had of found any prob's with the above browsers, or perhaps you might know of a good browser for the pocket p.c that you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks kev
  7. The Grim Reaper


    No not sure it is unless i go in and ask (best not though) but as i said its the first time i have tried it just wonderd if i could get it up and running. Suppose i will have to find another one and try again. Should i also assume that all the default settings would still get me connected assuming i can find one to connect too kev.
  8. The Grim Reaper


    Is it possible for me to connect to another person successfully by wifi?? Today at work whilst in the canteen i decided to try out wifi, and picked up 2 connections, one i believe is a works one witch is secure. The other so I’m told comes from the local pub and is un-secure. I tried to connect to the unsecure one and my m3100 said it was connected, so then i tried to refresh my Google home page and an error came up saying cannot display?? Why when connected does this happen have i got some setting wrong. This would be a great opportunity to check my emails at work. Thanks for any help on this kev.
  9. The Grim Reaper

    M3100 pass through

    Well i did as you suggested mate, and gprs/3g didn't ask or say it was connecting so lets hope no charges will encure :) Once again m8 thanks kev.
  10. The Grim Reaper

    M3100 pass through

    jimbouk mate, Thanks for replying, Reason i asked is i don't have wifi but i will try this as soon as i can. I had a sync prob just before going to work and as a result decided to un-install both active sync and bluetooth and start a fresh. But i will of course let you know how it goes Once again thanks :) Kev.
  11. The Grim Reaper

    M3100 pass through

    Hi Guys, Is it possible for me to connect to internet via a USB dongle pass through?? If so how, could somebody PLEASE explain how to. So far i have managed to be able to connect to my desk top pc sucessfully with (connect via bluetooth) in active sync If i did manage to connect to via pass through how would i know i have sucseeded in doing so without being charged. Thanks to all in advance who can help with this kev.
  12. On my m3100, all i have to do is press the blue circle on the left of the keypad then press the "A" key Hope this helps m8 kev.
  13. The Grim Reaper


    Did a test as you said m8, still the same sig on other phones but fine when outside (strange) suppose ill have to make all calls outside for 18 months :) Still not heard anything regarding a replacement though :D Either they are struggling to get hold of them or they are selling like hot cakes. I have heard there has been some pple checking some number on the handset someware telling them when it was made and model number to determin a faulty bach or something like that Can anybody enlighten me on this please Thanks kev.
  14. The Grim Reaper


    Thanks for quick response. Do you think it's poss the phone is causing bad signal strengh then due to being faulty and not Oranges fault It only shows one bar nearly all the time Just paid a months bill in advance already and still not got any decent use from it :) Didnt fancy bad signal either for the duration of 18 mths I see you are a m3100 owner m8 as well, does your earpiece sound bad
  15. The Grim Reaper


    Ordered my new m3100 on Dec 18th from One stop phone shop (PART OF CARPHONE WHEREHOUSE) Phone turned up on doorstep around 21st Dec and put on charge for 24 hrs untouched. 22nd Dec made a text to test out the keyboard (no probs) Rest of the day was spent finding my way around it. 26rd dec keyboard light stopped working when sliding open and also noticed when making calls the earpiece was vibrating and calls was fading in and out. Seems the orange signal also isn't very good in my area, Vodafone is full signal strength all the time. I called orange on the 27th i think it was and told them about the keyboard and they have in fact diagnosed it as faulty and as a result given me a fault code. I contacted one stop phone shop on the 28th i think it was as they was closed due to the Christmas period and also i think i was at the time according to what it said on there paperwork outside of the seven day return policy to cancel my contract. So i just told them about the call to orange and supplied them with the code (WHY DID I NOT TELL THEM ) They have said a complete replacement package will be sent as soon as they have them in stock. Today the 4 Jan 2007 still haven’t got any stock. I wish now i had stayed with Vodafone now. Kev. What do you guys think?? Do ya think i could get this contract terminated??

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