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  1. Email anywhere, anytime on any mobile device, regardless of which Internet mail service Emoze just launched a free software at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, that enables everyone with a personal email account from their Internet Service Provider to have emails pushed to their mobile phone or PDA. It’s a free download that delivers faster, cheaper and more secure email anytime, anywhere to hundreds of millions of email subscribers. It also incorporates a high level of security as data is not duplicated nor stored on any external server. You can get emoze at www.emoze.com Email users can access their messages on the go, without the need of buying a special handset or service package. You just need your regular mobile device. Its available for Gmail and other email services as well. For Nokia Nseries users, emoze is conveniently located in the Download! folder. Anyone who subscribes to personal and business accounts through their internet provider can download emoze for free at the emoze website. Emoze has launched this application using a Post Office Protocol (POP) interface, allowing any user to get their email from any ISP, providing free push email service to a global audience for any standard mobile device. It's definitely worth checking out! www.emoze.com
  2. Emoze just launched its new Enterprise Edition at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which offers business users a secure, efficient and low cost push email, calendar and contact information, all in real-time. It offers faster, cheaper and more secure mobile push-email to businesses and their staff. Business users can now access their emails, contact information, calendars and notes from almost any mobile device with a complimentary data package, with the free download of the Enterprise Edition software from emoze. Click here to get emoze Enterprise Edition now! The Enterprise Edition is great for any employee who is always on the go. It allows business users the freedom of movement and communication, without their company needing to purchase special handsets or extra, expensive services. All Emails and other data are received securely on the users' mobile handsets in real time, improving productivity - anytime, anywhere. Emoze also provides the most secure form of messaging for its users. Emails are pushed, real-time, without the need for any duplication or storage outside of the existing email server. By adding a dedicated Enterprise Edition server, it enables organizations to manage their information flow and to have control over data transfers based on IT policies. Its definitely worth checking out! http://enterprise.emoze.com
  3. Emoze gains real estate at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain! Download your 100 FREE Emoze bucks, plus a FREE download of the Emoze PUSH Email solution. Show us the Emoze bucks at the show, and you can win a great prize!! We're also excited to announce that Emoze has been included in all Nokia Nseries mobile devices. Check it out in the Nokia Nseries download folder. emoze delivers real-time, secure synchronization of emails, calendars, contacts and tasks – pushing data and updates to you anytime, anywhere using any mobile service provider network or WiFi and all leading brands of mobile devices. Emoze pushes Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo mail and has both personal and business solutions. Emoze caters for the mass market. DO NOT PASS GO! Collect your 100 Emoze dollars and advance directly to the Emoze site – www.emoze.com Click here to print out your FREE Emozopoly money and win! Visit us in Barcelona! Hall 4 Level 1 Israel Mobile Association (IMA) Brokerage Pavilion Please contact us at [email protected] to organize a personal meeting.
  4. It's Finally Here! Free Mobile Email by emoze V1.4 Emoze releases emoze Free Push Email version 1.4 The latest version of emoze free mobile email (version 1.4), is now available for download at emoze. The new version is the result of extensive research and development as well as active collaboration with thousands of beta users. If you've ever thought about needing a Blackberry, Forget it! emoze offers a free mobile email solution for thousands of mobile devices, including pocket pc's, PDA's, Smartphones & POP3 devices. emoze is the simplest, most efficient and most versatile free push-email service on the market. New features and enhancements •Significant Battery Life Improvements •Synchronization Performance – emoze syncs you data extremely fast. •Attachments Control "on pocket pc" •Recurring meetings now supported on Symbian, Pocket PC & Smartphones •Microsoft OWA Supported – No need for a PC Connector! •Brand New Installation Wizard! Enter your OWA Credentials via the Wizard. Download emoze Free Mobile Email v1.4 Today! :rolleyes:
  5. Hello cseilern Queries to Tech support are answered within a 24 hour timeframe. Some issues such as your OWA querry requier not only an answer but a solution which will be available shortly. Entering your OWA Domian, Username and Password works perfectly and if you entered these three feilds you wouldn't be having any issue. It is my understanding that you don't have an OWA domain. Correct?
  6. emoze is sponsoring the worlds 1st Extreme Push Email Challenge on Youtube! It's your turn to show the world the most extreme way to push your emails using emoze on your cell phone! How would you advertise emoze in the most creative outrageous and extreme way? Here's how to get into the action & see a demo of what we mean: emoze Challenge Oh Yeah, There's a prize... Here's what you can win! First Prize: $3,000 Most original and creative Extreme Push Email Ad. Second Prize: $1,500 Viewers Choice, to be judged by a combination of highest overall views and rating. Third Prize: $500 Most Hilarious emoze extreme push email video. Click here to read the official rules Cheers & Good Luck! :rolleyes: Well, Get out there and win some dough already ! :P
  7. emoze has launched first-ever free push email service without PC side software! Technological breakthrough broadens delivery options for consumers and enterprise users without the need for IT intervention or the need to keep their PC or MAC always on. emoze is the first company to offer a central server solution with a seamless connection via an Outlook Web Access (OWA). The expanded service offering is completely free of charge to consumer and businesses. The process for using the central server is simple. When downloading emoze at www.emoze.com , users are given a choice of using their own PC as a connector; or the central server. If the user chooses the central server, they will have to install the emoze mobile client and will then be prompted to provide their OWA credentials which are encrypted and stored locally on their own mobile device. The new option is particularly suited for those not wishing to leave their PC running to enable push email and personal information management (PIM) data. Both the PC connector and central server options are highly secure, leveraging efficient encryption mechanism, decryption and data compression technologies. Future central server upgrades will handle connections to Lotus web-access Gmail, Yahoo! mail and other popular email services. Most importantly, with emoze, emails, calendars, tasks and contacts are only routed from the user’s email program and mobile device. In other words, in order to increase users’ security and privacy, there is no duplication or storage of any data. emoze delivers data to and from all leading brands of mobile devices including Motorola, Nokia, Palm and Samsung. It supports all popular email data sources including Lotus Notes and Domino Servers, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and OWA (Outlook Web Access), POP3, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!, and all popular mobile device operating systems including Symbian and Windows Mobile. Download emoze Now, Free!
  8. emoze is the easiest & most secure push email application available today. Using emoze allows you to push your Outlook and Lotus notes emails, contacts, calendar & Tasks to Your Mobile Phone. Download, registration and use of emoze are all free for the individual user. Users need a data package from their mobile service provider. emoze free push email works on Smartphones, PDA's, Pocket PC & POP3 Devices In other words, Hundreds of Mobile phones! In addition, you can choose to Sync your device via GPRS or WiFi. We've put together 5 tips which we feel will help you benefit the most from your emoze experience. So read on, we're sure even the most experienced emoze user will discover something new! 1. Time Intervals In order to reduce data connection & battery drain, emoze allows you the option of syncing at time intervals. To configure this option do the following… Open emoze on your device – Click on Accounts – Click on Open account Beside Push every, choose between Always on, up to 24 hours. 2. alert Notification Sound With emoze, You can configure the notification alert of your arrived data "email, contacts, calendar & tasks" To Change the configuration, Do the following: Open emoze on your device – Click on settings – Open the advanced tab at the bottom. Under Miscellaneous, Mark the show alert Box & Click on alert Sound Settings. 3. Rules The rules feature allows you to configure the folder that are being synchronized to and from your device. The following folders can be configured: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts & Drafts. To set the rules follow these steps: Open emoze on your device, Click on settings & Open the rules tab at the bottom. Each folder has it's own settings which you can change accordingly. 4. Power Save Mode For windows mobile 5 users, even if you're setting is set to always on, emoze allows you to switch to 5 minute intervals if there has been no activity on the mobile device. To choose the Power Save Mode option Click on the following: Open emoze on your device, Click on settings, Open the advance tab at he bottom & Mark the Power Save Mode box. Notice: This option is currently available only for windows mobile 5 devices. 5. Auto fix connection This feature allows you to automatically switch to the available connection. For example if you're working via WiFi and walk out of range, emoze will automatically switch to a GPRS connection. To set the Auto Fix Connection on your device: Open emoze on your device, Click on Settings, In the connection tab, Mark the Auto Fix Connection Checkbox. If you have any comments concerning these tips or wish to share your own emoze related tips, please reply in this thread! Download emoze for FREE
  9. We could have gone back and forth with it all day, It's Push technology, Sending and Receiving times are identical.
  10. ygeller - I'm not sure what device you're useing or what version you have. I recommend the following... Download the latest build of emoze V1.3 build 36 from our website. HERE Here's how to adjust emoze to sync at regular intervals. From within your Mobile client, click accounts and then Open accounts. From within this menu you will be able fully configure emoze. Choose the folders you wish to push, Set emoze to push every from Always on to 5, 10, 30 mins up to 24 hour intervals. Paul - The new emoze wizard is very intuitive, mass market users including myself prefer installing an app which "automagically" configures my device instead of configuring a POP3 account.
  11. As a mass market solution, Configuring a POP3 account isn’t as simple as it sounds. emoze eliminates the need to manually set-up your mobile device as well as no IT intervention. Aside from pushing your emails, contacts, calendar and tasks emoze is also the safest back-up solution available. All contacts which are added to your device are automatically synced with your PC contacts.
  12. Set emoze to Sync at 5 minute intervals, that will improve your battery usage.
  13. This time we'll test the push both directions, to and from the devices. About the solution you mentioned, lets just say for now that the announcement on CTIA will surprise you all...
  14. Well Happy Dave, all I can say right now is that emoze is going to make you a whole lot more Ummm Happy ;) Glad to hear you enjoy emoze!
  15. If you missed out on the showdown between emoze and Blackberry at 3GSM in Barcelona – We are happy to inform you that you now have a second chance. On the 28th of March, 2007 at 12 noon, emoze will be hosting the "Revival of the Fittest" at CTIA Wireless in Orlando To see who can push emails, contacts & calendar Quicker & Easier. Full details revealed on: www.ctiashowdown.com emoze is a Free Push Email solution which supports hundreds of mobile phones, Pocket PCs, PDAs, Smartphones & POP3 Devices. This time, besides the actual showdown, stay tuned and WATCH OUT for a major product announcement! emoze is available as a Free Download Here www.emoze.com
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