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  1. I upgraded my Business Plus tariff on the 14th Feb, found out at the end of Mar I should have been offered double mins for 9 months as well because I signed to a 18 month tariff, rang them up, the girl I spoke to sounded like she had a bad dose of PMT, said "well i don't know why you weren't offered it, maybe because you upgraded early" when I told her it said on the website she said "web offers are different to what we give you over the phone". I protested about this stating the T&C's on O website and she said "can I help you with anything else.... goodbye". I waited 20 mins till i'd calmed down, rang back, got a bloke who was really good, gave me unlimited texts and a 3.5% line rental discount as well as the double mins for 9 months, also as they couldn't apply the 3.5% discount retrospectively, they took the whole 18 months discount off my next bill.... didn't want to push my luck asking for some free data as well lol.
  2. Just ring OCS up and they send a courier to collect the phone, they get hundreds of these devices back, nobody checks them! I sent a couple of my M600's back with different ROMs on them and no-one complained!
  3. Just done that, tried removing the rubber gasket and replacing, still no joy, I rang Orange up and they say no way can they insure it. Its a shame as the phone still connects to activesync, just stuck on the damn align screen!! Its a pity there isn't a way to skip it as I dare bet the phone will work properly.
  4. Don't know about the screen frame, is there a way to check? I got the phone on Ebay, using it as my 2nd device under Orange Single Number, I got my M600 insured free under the talkplan, I wonder if I will have to pay for the 2nd one, if they will allow me to cover it, everything I've seen on the O site suggests it can be insured as it is an Orange branded device. Do you think I dare try to ask Orange to insure it?
  5. Done all that, its still the same, its getting really frustrating now, feel like throwing it out of the window and claiming on the house insurance lol
  6. Please help! Did a hard reset on my M3100 and now I can't get past the align screen page, the + keeps moving around the screen but resets back to the centre when its tapped in the top right corner. Any ideas?
  7. Orange do single number for business customers http://www.business.orange.co.uk/servlet/S...d=1135953583381 I've had it now for best part of a year, its great, only drawback is the secondary device sim is not possible to be 3G. :rolleyes:
  8. I saw somewhere a few weeks ago a bluetooth registry tweak to keep the device from going into standby whilst in a call and cutting the bluetooth handsfree off, I've tried and tried to find it, can someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction. TIA
  9. If you are on contract, take out Orange Care (if you already haven't) then ring OCS up and tell them your screen wont come on no matter what you do. If they ask if there are any signs of physical damage, say no (I assume that once dried it looks perfectly normal). It will cost you an admin fee to get a replacement but this is approx
  10. Forget the built in alam, go find Chronos, its much much better than the normal alarm, and you can select mp3's as alarm tunes!
  11. Whatever happened to the phone manufacturers warranty on the handset?? What annoys me with O is if you get a fault on your handset, you still have to pay the admin fee for getting a replacement handset, even though technically you aren't claiming on the insurance. When my mates O2 phone went faulty, they gave him a temporary handset, sent his old one off for repair, after a week or so they came back to him saying it was unrepairable, so he got a brand new handset, cost him absolutely nothing. I would go to Citizens Advice and see what they say because I would imagine the handset will be covered by the manufacturers warranty (HTC) anyway. Send a really snotty letter to OCS, the address is on your bill, complaining of the service you are getting with O, nothing too drastic, just put that you been an excellent customer and wish to remain with O but you have been treated appallingly and see what they come back to you with, I usually get a call about a week or so later telling me its some cock-up somewhere and it would be sorted out asap.
  12. How does the M600 cope with incoming calls on line 2?
  13. Best thing to do is ring OCS up and explain what you intend to do, and ask them to suspend your contract, when you get back it will carry on from where left off. While you are abroad get a local SIM in the country you are in and you will save a fortune! Make sure your phone is unlocked though!
  14. Must admit the earpiece on mine is awful, however seeing as I use it via my b/t handsfree this isn't as much of an issue as if I was using it normally. Battery life is pretty good, thought I would see how long it would take to flatten completely from 50%, put the backlight on full, wifi & b/t on, took over 2 hours before it went off! Had a few issues with my wifi but found this was because of a setting on my router so its fine now.
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