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  1. Hi all, I am very sorry I haven't monitored the thread, as I had a really bad flu for over a week... But I am back here now, so I will compile a better instruction for you all.... Yet again sorry, I will post another post later tonight..... Cheers, Xeno
  2. Thanx. I do agree that Orange does good plugins normally.... What really happens by the Jmms installer is that the InprocServer32 entry which normally holds "tpcutil.dll" gets replaced with "jplug.dll". Just a stupid way to integrate the app, seems to be common, makes you wonder if developers even bother to take a look at interfacing thru the standard API's.
  3. Yes the installation overwrites the id on the phone, not in the xml file. The homescreen calls this entry when getting the msg counts, Jmms replaces the underlaying dll with their own, and the problem with that is that it is not costumisable, i.e it can only show data in the format: Email (0) Sms (0) Mms (0) Any paramteres passed makes no difference. Jmms comes preinstalled as the default Mms client on orange branded Mpx200's at least, i don't know about any other brandings. It also comes on the companion cd so that it can be reinstalled after a master reset as it is not present in rom. I don't know why they choose this stupid aproach to integrate their software with the counters, the mms client on the E100 does no use this approach so it is clear that there are better ways. At least it can be fixed, the only con is that after the fix is in the Mms field in skins that use it will be blank, instead mms messages gets counted as e-mail. Xeno
  4. As you might have noticed custom skins get garbled on the Mpx200 when the default MMS client Jmms is installed, if uninstalling Jmms it works again. What happens is that Jmms replaces the standard msg-conter plugin with their own, by removing theirs and putting back the original it works again, and it won't affect the functionality of the mms client in any way. :idea: I don't know if this is typical to Orange branded phones but here is the fix: 1. Make sure Jmms is installed on your phone first and reboot the phone. 2. Using your farourite registry editor (Resco works fine on orange locked phones) navigate to /HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/{2F930BF0-4A53-9E17-88E9247BAB48} 3. Reset this key to default. 4. Under this key is an entry InprocServer32, set this value to "tpcutil.dll" without quotes. 5. Reboot phone, and voila, it's working, you can now install any homescreen you like, just remember that when/if you reinstall Jmms you need to repeat the procedure.
  5. I had the same problem, figured out that if you uninstall the JMMS client it works fine, after looking in the cab files it seems that during install it changes the registry entries for the msgcount property. It locks the msgcount to one line i.e SMS (0) E-mail (0) Mms (0) even if other layout is defined in the home.xml file for the theme in question.... THIS SUCKS! Problem is that I have not been able to find any other mms client to replace it with, so it's three options: 1. Live with the ugly original homescreen.... 2. Live with no mms. 3. Return to shop.. :evil: Xeno

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