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  1. Can I Macbook Bluetooth to Hermes for Internet Access via Tmob. I have just invested in a rather lovely Macbook and it's stealing my Hermes time, can i tether the two together for internet access on the move...I am a tmob web n walk customer. how to do it? ta bb
  2. I FOUND THEM - Both of them! :-)... I know this is a cliche but they were both a at the back of the sofa! Amazing...just a tip if anyone else loses them, they might be in the same place... haha.
  3. god, it's against all my thrifty principles to pay ten quid for three plastic sticks! but it's my own fault and I suspect that's the way I'll need to go. ta for reply. bb
  4. Ok, I thought it would never happen but I've managed to lose my stylus (and the spare). I am now frustratingly reduced to fingernail tactics (very inaccurate and frustrating), or ball point pen with lid on (not bad but bulky to carry around with the Hermes)... So, any advice on cheap place to get some (preferably a multi pack!) :-) haha ta bb
  5. I tried to get my vario II for free on a 12 month contract with t-mobile but couldn't - cost me 120 quid. bb
  6. I just went for this one - hope it arrives tomorrow. For 3 quid (delivered), seemed rude not to! ebay link It's sooooo cheap, I'm a bit concerned it might damage my beloved Vario II, can anyone comment if it will be OK? Also planning to use it to charge my GPS reciever. BT-321 Holox.
  7. Can some people go here and let me know what results you are getting for the 1 meg test...? http://www.dslreports.com/mspeed I got some speeds as follows..... 655 720 866 775 866 Are these HSPDA speeds? (I get an H when data is flowing but a 3G at other times) Thanks bb
  8. installed black last night on my tmobile vario 2. version 1.2. very quick indeed, i mean the OS that is. MUCH more usable. cant seem to turn off the box that suggests word completion though? also I copied all my files off using explorer and recopied back but i think the contacts database is a different format in wm6. does anyone know how i can restore them...i do NOT have the contacts synched with outlook on my home pc. i know ...im stupid ! very very pleased with the new os though! cheers bb.
  9. Cheers Shandy, I tried what you said and it worked a treat. I wouldn't have found that option in fastmail without your advice. Didn't work so well first time but I don't think that the vario liked synching my sent items folder which had 400+ items in it! Archived stuff and it works fine. Very pleased. ta bb
  10. gotcha, well thanks...looks like I'm stuck with it...Maybe the tmobile customisations put hotmail in. Not to worry, I can live with it.
  11. ok, with you, but on that screen I don't get Outlook email or Hotmail.
  12. Hmmm, OK but I don't see that option....from which screen can you delete these accounts?
  13. I'm using the inbuilt email client with an IMAP account at fastmail.fm. Works fine in the main, I just get copies of all new mails to my vario and I can reply fine using the fastmail SMTP server (requires authrntication) works fine. Trouble is I cannot see my sent items (when i send from the vario) - either in the vario client side sent items folder or server side. It's really good to get reassurance some stuff has actually gone, when sending from the Vario, so I miss this feature. Any ideas? cheers bb
  14. I like the messaging app (in the main). However I have no wish to even go near MMS, Outlook or Hotmail. Is it possible to remove them or hide them somehow (registry hack perhaps?) I just use SMS and IMAP email (suppose I could keep MMS I think in case someone sends me one!)
  15. Anyone got any tips for me. I'm sure my Internet connection on the Vario is much less stable than it was 3 months ago when I first got the machine. It seems I have to soft reset several times an hour to get any sort of sense from the machine. It "locks up" - I mean the Internet connection does - no access possible. Soft reset and it comes back. Also I get a dialog box a fair amount of the time saying "cannot dial a connection" or the like, and the other one I see regularly is "cannot get server assigned IP address" or similar. The other day in a Costa coffee in central London with a full 3G signal on the display I couldn't get any Internet access at all (strange). Anyone got any tips or is this what it's like for most people? I have to say that I really/REALLY like my Vario, and this is a frustration more than anything.
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