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  1. The names and icons are "hard-coded" into the homescreen, but in earlier posts there was mention of personal customization for a fee. HTH, brett
  2. Something similar happened to me when I was updating to the newest version. The way I fixed it was: 1. Change to some other homescreen 2. Uninstall all the plugins and the homescreen related to this project 3. Reboot the phone 4. Reinstall each plugin and the homescreen I think that was all I had to do. I might have rebooted once more for good measure, but it works beautifully now. Rock on SkinProject! HTH, brett
  3. I have to second the request to remove or change the 1-Home 2-Search links. I do use them, but more often than not, I am trying to page up. Thanks, brett
  4. Sorry for the delay in reply. This is icing on the homescreen cake :) You guys have hit a huge homerun. Thanks again for the awesome work! brett
  5. I cannot imagine how much better this release is going to be. I have yet to run into anyone who was not impressed and/or jealous. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Brett
  6. This is a great app. It looks great! I am using the freeware version on my t-mobile dash. When a call comes in, it does not show the photo pop up for the contact. Is this disabled in the freeware version? Thanks, brett
  7. I would like to request that the contacts icon be replaced with a safari icon. Most of the time the right softkey is contacts and quick access to PIE would be nice. Thanks, brett
  8. I have to agree with echostats, I think it would be great to have the OS X file names for the icons. Thanks for awesome work!
  9. OK, after uninstalling and reinstalling all the plugins and the new cab file it works beautifully. Thank you for your awesome work.
  10. I seem to be having the same problems as xvicx, but I am on a dash. I am going to reinstall the two plugins with the ones that you linked and reinstall with the os x cab file. I will let you know if the problem persists.
  11. I would have to agree with dishe. I have a t-mobile dash, and would love a better option for a VNC client. I am definitely willing to beta test.
  12. Does the flexiskin cover the screen, or is it a cutout around the screen? Thanks!
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