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  1. Is it possible to change the received file destination to a chosen folder in the Storage Card? Get fed up of searching for vids and pics I've received and if it's too long for my phone memory I won't receive it at all. Cheers.
  2. Replaced my front yesterday. Wasn't too much bother apart from the foam screen surround. I totally destroyed it trying to remove from the damaged one. I improvised with some sticky foam from something else but didn't bother with the thin piece at the bottom as it was just too thin. If I get dust, well so be it. It'll be much better than the huge cracks on the old one. If it gets too bad I'll think about getting the C600. Getting the torx screws into the holes was fun too. Had to use tweezers to hold in place but got there in the end. A big thankyou to fluffcat1 for the part, quick delivery and fair price. Cheers buddy.
  3. Just bought one of your fascias and to be honest I'm not looking forward to the fiddlyness of replacing it. I'm not bothered about the warranty (chuffed to still having the phone work, dropped it in a bucket of water last year ;) )so would be interested in any easier way to do it. Cheers.
  4. I only had one speck which I removed by dropping the phone in a bucket of water (by accident). Mind you, I never put my phone in a pocket as I've found this is the cause of past phones getting dust under the screen. Nowadays I attach the phone in a case to my belt.
  5. It had totally gone by the morning, thanks for the info though. Will come in handy for the next time.
  6. I have the same prob but that cab doesn't fix it.
  7. I dropped my C550 in a bucket, it was in it for approx 1 min. Had the red LED of death too. Quickly took the back off (which is nigh on impossible at the best of times), shook all the water out and removed the sim and memory card. Had to go to work so I left it on it's back all day. Came home and pointed a hair-dryer on warm, about 2-3 foot away. I had it back to the dryer, on it's side (against a couple of shoes) and left it for 2 hours. I waited a while for it to cool to room temp and turned it on. It worked!!! All that was wrong was that the screen had a mottled effect, like a map of the world on it. This improved with time and the next morning it was back to full working order. It even shifted the one speck of dust that was catching the sun.
  8. I think the vibro is a new feature when you start up/shut down the phone. Don't know if its possible to stop but why bother? It still won't vibrate during use if you've got it set not to.
  9. When I receive a picture/video/file from another phone via bluetooth it always goes to Storage/My Documents. Can I change this as it's a pain going into Storage when I use the Storage Card for my media.
  10. Hmmm........e-mailed clickgamer.com and haven't had an answer. Don't think I'll be buying from them again.
  11. It was indeed Clickgamer.com. I'll contact them.
  12. After reading here about this running full-screen with the fix I bought Eclipse on the coolsmartphone site and received the email with the install code. Well installation goes fine upto the point of inputting the code which is 5 zero's. If I put a random code in I get a 'invalid' message, yet if I put in the correct code there is no message. Nothing happens. In fact if I leave the phone on this screen for too long it hangs and only removing the battery sorts it. Any ideas how to resolve this? I've emailed the guy at Alienware but he doesn't seem interested in helping a paying customer. :?:
  13. Yeah, I used the fully charged battery from my C500 in my C550 whilst I charged the C550 battery in the C500. Swapped them back once it had charged up to the max.
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