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  1. I downloaded and installed this after seeing the article in Paul's Twitter Stream on my Flipboard. To say installation was a nightmare is the biggest understatement in ages. First you need to download the 'over-arching' EE Tap Wallet App from Play Store. Thereafter however, you then have to run this, to get it to download from EE's own servers the requisite Cash On Tap App. To make any of this happen, you have to disable wifi on your device and use up a portion of your 4G data allowance, so that it can verify you have the necessary NFC Sim card installed. It then tells you that this download will commence within 2hrs, but with it being late last night for me, it meant I just had to leave my phone on overnight to take care of this. For my son's phone this evening, it just kept telling me there was no data connection.. All the while whilst being interupted from his Facebook and BlackBerry Notifications popping up, on the perfectly fine data connection the phone DID actually have! Anyway, back to me... I woke this morning tom find it had finally downloaded, so I fired it up... I tried to create the necessary account it asks you to create, only to be told I already have one... Which stated to ring a bell from when I downloaded thin once before on a T-Mobile device only a to be told at the very end it wasn't supported... So I instead then chose the sign in option... And was promptly told my credentials were incorrect. So I tried my alternatives I sometimes use, for my password and memorable date, only to get the same credentials error. I therefore tried the final possibility for my credentials, only I now got a "server is experiencing a hiccup - try again later" error. This persisted for the whole morning until around 1pm (except there was no such server issue, as you will soon see). Eventually, thinking my details must still be wrong, I clicked the "Forgot Details" button, expecting a password reset. Alas instead it then tells you to ring 150 for assistance. So I did... Only to eventually be told that there was no server error. The problem was that after three wrong login attempts, the account gets locked. And this is the ridiculously moronic error message the coders thought to come up with for such an occurrence... "Server hiccup", rather than "account locked - please ring 150" I kid you not. Anyway, they did a reset, and eventually (and I do mean eventually), I finally got into the app and got up and running. The minimum user top amount is £20, so I had to add this in order to get the second free £5 credit from EE (the first gets added on registration itself), but I then had £30, ready to spend. A trip from my home in Newcastle, down to Leeds later today (well yesterday, Saturday now as we are past midnight), and I tried it out at Burger King, whereby sure enough, a simple touch of my phone was all that was needed to pay for our meal - the phone itself coming up with a popup showing the amount deducted a second or two later. All in all therefore, a very simple, clever way to pay for low value purchases, with the actual act of paying being good, easy, and simple. It's just the processes needed to firstly install the app, that are a total and utter nightmare, and thus for the most patient of people only... --- A few things to add... Firstly, you need to set Cash on Tap as your default NFC Payment method for this to work, but the app itself does warn you of this and guides you through turning it on. Secondly, NFC needs to actually be turned on in your phone settings, for this to work. Despite it using the EE Sim NFC chip and not the device battery one built into new devices, nevertheless the setting still needs to be turned on, so be mindful of any potential battery drain. Another point to note is that the app creates a virtual Plastic Card on your device, that can be toggled to show the long card number on the front, as well as the verification code on the rear strip. So you can use this to make payment for online goods too. Finally, the help notes state that payments can be made even if the device is switched off, as long as you still have some battery power left, and then the account will be updated later with any transactions made whilst powered off. The only time it won't work, is if your battery is completely dead. How true or not this all is I cannot yet say, but is pretty cool if it does prove to be true...
  2. Funny how I read a review (elsewhere, by chance) of one of these devices just today, then later see Paul's running a competition to win one. The review was quite favourable, but cited the lack of Android Market as a negative factor. Yet I'm sure this community can easily sort that one, if not already. So here's to hoping the successful winner is a tall, handsome, sophisticated, charming, witty Geordie named "me". ;-)
  3. RC10 / r10...? Did I miss something...? EDIT: Seems I surely did... http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...chen-2-2-froyo/
  4. Well, that's the longest, most problematic, and difficult process I've yet had to go through, just to get Gmail to update on my phone. But all Kudos to Arty Marty - his method was the only method (of LOADS I have tried) that finally worked. So cheers Marty. Here's just hoping r10 has none of these shenanigans, cos Paul's on the case bless him! Cheers again!
  5. I thought I had to register because despite installing it at least FIVE times now, and rebooting, it's NOT WORKING. But I now know this is because I need the 32 bit version, not the 64 bit one.... as you've just said so. *lol* Oh well, back to the drawing board *lol* Cheers Marty
  6. Well it's not going well so far... Because Android Commander requires the "Android SDK" kit to be on my PC, which it isn't. So before anything else I had to download that. Then when trying to run THAT installer, it tells me I need java (the full package, not the RT environment only). So now I'm having to downlaod and install that first too... I'll report back though.... EDIT: WoooooooH - a 35MB downlaod for Android SDK, and a 66MB download for Java SDK.... thats a lot of MB just to delete one file on my phone *lol* - which I am sure will magically reappear after reboot anyhow... 2nd EDIT: Nah, I give up.... Java, once finally installed, needs to be registered, it seems, to work. And to register, you need to create an account with Oracle. No thanks.... FAAAAAAAR too much work, to delete one little piddly file. And despite having installed it anyway, the Android SDK installer still won't let me install/continue, as it claims it is not detecting it. Groan. Thanks Marty though - none of it your fault mate!
  7. I'll give this method a try to, but very much DOUBT it will work. Because my issue is not in deleting Gmail.apk in the first place. I can already do this using TiTanium Backup, or alternatively, via Root Explorer. My problem is that when I DO delete Gmail.apk (or even rename it, if trying that alternative method), when I reboot my phone, IT COMES BACK! I have no idea WHY, as I've not got to the bottom of it - something to do no doubt with it being a custom install from the last time this happened and Paul had to do an installer (perhaps). But whatever the case, when I reboot, it comes back. And alas, I can't install WITHOUT a reboot, as a reboot is needed to get it out of cache/memory. So I seem to HAVE to over-install (hence why I'm now stuck), not remove and clean install, as I 'cant' remove it, as when I do delete, a reboot somehow brings it back. I too second the notion, that I hope that with r10, all these multiple, regular, and repeated "package was not correctly signed" errors, are finally gone for good.... Thanks Marty, will try now just in case though...
  8. I've read numerous forums including this, and tried all the different suggestions contained, but I'm still not a step further forward... I keep getting "Package Signing" errors when trying to install the new Gmail and Voice Search that is out. Just like i did on r9 with Maps and Street View in the past etc. BUT, this time, following the advice of using Ti backup to uninstall Gmail and then try, I seem to have corrupted my EXISTING Gmail install, and have zilch now. So can anyone suggest anything else to get them working. I treid the terminal emulator suggestion ot uninstall, but I get a "Folder is not empty" error when trying that method. So anyone any ideas what I can try next...?
  9. Well, despite having received my Bronze Nokia N8 last week, and additionally being chuffed to have updated my Windows Certification, by today having passed my Windows Phone 7 exam with 100% and thus becoming a "Windows Phone 7 Expert" (see my new signature strip)... ...I am sticking with ANDROID 100%, and with Paul and Modaco all the way, for my custom Desire ROMs!
  10. Alas: Please don't think me rude. I'm just seeing the funny side of things, rest assured mate, and indeed, thanks for your efforts to help too!
  11. Paul - another new issue in r9, but unsure if it's your issue, or Handcent's issue... For the last few days I've been using the LeeDroid Rom (hears yells of shame on you etc *lol*). Basically it was ok, but what I did find was MUCH shorter battery life. So it was bye bye to that for me. Since moving back to r9 with it's known issues though, I have noticed an issue with Handcent SMS... When using the LeeDroid ROM on my HTC Desire, if I had three SMS messages unread in Handcent, the little envelope icon at the very top bar of my screen, the Notifications bar, it would show an envelope notification icon, AND the number 3, telling me there were 3 unread. However, since coming back to Modaco r9, now all I get is the envelope itself, telling me I have a message/s, but NOT indicating how MANY I have unread. I have checked the settings, and even uninstalled and re-installed Handcent. But all to no avail. So, it's hard to say if this is a Handcent issue, or a Modaco ROM one, but what I can say is that it worked fine on LeeDroid, which is obviously also using a different framework for the Notification fonts anyway, to your Smooth Screen one. So any ideas please Paul?
  12. I know Paul's busy just now, so might not see this and the last ten pages or so for a bit, but just to point out to him a few things for when he does get round to looking in, as I hate keep bothering him with Tweets (I might elect to drop you a single one Paul, mentioning this post *lol*: 1) New version of Android Car Dock this very day, with many new features. 2) New version of Google Maps, two days ago, that some like me can update fine now, others however still report the Certificate Error. 3) Bootanimation.zip issue - despite overwriting the one in the ROM zip with my own, like I always do, we are still getting standard or shiny Android worded one (I am overwriting to correct location now, since i learnt where it now lives, so it's not this). Everyone else is reporting this too mind. 4) Unique first ever issue with this ROM, or Titanium, unsure which is the cause: After clean wipe install, now every time I do a Ti Restore, and then reboot my device, I find I have TWO copies of every single widget, on every one of my home-screens. This is a most unusual 'issue' never seen before. You can easily see this in two ways, in that if you press-hold, and then drag to remove any and every widget, you need to do it yet again for the 'second copy' of it that is left on the home-screen. Additionally, for all widgets, the icon text underneath them, as it uses an element of transparency, the text background is easily noticeable as near black, instead of the normal dark brown/grey, due to two copies of the widget sitting right on top of each other, and thus greatly reducing the icon text transparency. I have no idea what is causing this, but have carefully tried three full wipe and then restores first, and now every time, I get this duplicate widgets on the home-screen issue, no matter how careful I am. So no idea if it's ROM, or Titanium to blame, but I am not doing anything different with either. That's all I can think of for now Paul, other than some people claiming that some Servers are giving corrupt ROM bakes, but I am not sure if this is still happening for them still or not. Appreciate your mega busy with the ZTE Balde and stuff, but just thought I should flag these things up. ATB mate.
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