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  1. dcyphyr

    MPX220 Startmenu

    Google g-start! it's free, and lets you easily change the first 16 to any order you want and make folders and you don't even have to have it as one of your 16! it's great!
  2. dcyphyr


    Dchester's site rocks! Dchester is my hero! :)
  3. Hi, has anyone tried this?
  4. dcyphyr

    MPx220.MoDaCo.com is dead

    Well, it's cheap, and there's alot of freeware out there for it. I'm happy with mine so far. :)I don't know the stats, but I think the reason few people are posting is because almost every issue is covered! :)
  5. dcyphyr

    Motorola MPx220 Camera

    Hi, Any chance that anyone knows where that registry edit is? Or perhaps whether any of the registry tweak programs have it in them? Also, if anyone knows where one of those elusive aftermarket camera app might be.....I'm all ears! :) Thank you!

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