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  1. Surprise-surprise, this would be even better for my needs. (if the deepsleep bug is resolved) Thanks!
  2. Could anyone please reupload the [5 MAY 14] version of the rom? The one with MD5: 5e1077ccdaf5033b7b22d0bfb3650ab5 I cannot download it from this goo.im site. I want to use the blade on a trip as a net-sharing device, so working bt-tether and deep-sleep is important to me. Can anyone confirm that with this rom it is working well?
  3. Great finding! My problem with video recording is, that the app doesn't put date and time information into the m4v file. Do you think it can be enabled somehow?
  4. This log was made after a full wipe and rc1 install. Not even gapps was installed. I switched on wifi from the settings menu. The nowifi log was made after I switched off wifi through notification power widget.
  5. My blade is also not sleeping with the latest nightly (update-cm-7-20120312-NIGHTLY-blade-signed.zip) when the wifi is turned on.
  6. With your 20feb built and with the new Adreno libs my phone sleeps OK.
  7. Thanks. Do you have any other suggestion how to find out what causes the wakelock? Logcat maybe?
  8. Could you please also test it with a temporaly wiped data/dalvik partition? I have used your previous rom with the same kernel, but with my original, long time ago wiped data partition. I had no sleep problems then, only others. Then I wiped data too, the original problem went away, and this sleep problem came in.
  9. I have a problem: My phone doesn't want to sleep when wifi is turned on. I'm using targetbsp's latest rom with updated egl libs. I doesn't even sleep after a full wipe. Spare Parts shows Android System as the top process, but it's usage is not so much, only a thin blue bar is showing there.
  10. Have you installed the separate uvkernel-signed.zip on top of the new feb27 build? You shouldn't do that.
  11. This seems interesting to me: T9 Dialer Is it still applicable to CM7, or is it something that will come with CM9?
  12. This app takes 548KB from my phone's internal memory. I moved it to SD with CM's internal solution. (Menu-Manage Applications-Where's My Water-Move to SD)
  13. Maybe it is not the camera itself, or its driver, since if you do take a picture with for example goggles the resulting picture will be ok. And if you press menu inside this app, the buttons will be doubled on the sides of the screen.
  14. I was not talking about disabling/enabling or replacing the button on the widget. I was talking about enabling sound modes what will be available when you press that button. All the future nightlies will work like this, so you have to set it up, if you want to upgrade.
  15. The behaviour is changed, you need to set up the function again in cyanogen settings-interface-notification widget-widget buttons-sound modes, and enable the needed functions.
  16. I have that too. However the phone sleeps normally after a call, meaning I cannot wake it up with pressing a front button.
  17. You don't need to use the new locks, you can still select the rotary one in settings. (settings - cm settings - lockscreen - style options - lockscreen style)
  18. 136MB is enough for me currently with sej's p7 build and gapps 201106: /dev/block/mtdblock5 136.0M 133.8M 2.2M 98% /system /dev/block/mtdblock6 302.9M 224.5M 78.3M 74% /data
  19. Thanks. Another bug I found is a graphical glitch: It's appearing not just here, but here always, so I can show.
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