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  1. Bought the Optimus 7 about 2 months back in Singapore. Boy I love the feel of this phone & the OS. WP7 is so much more refined compared to Froyo. However....I'm probably the first to encounter & report a major issue with this phone. Barely 3 weeks into it’s ownership, the phone suddenly stopped responding while on standby. The screen would not respond to touch at all. All the hardware buttons could function but not the touch screen. The phone was stuck at the lock screen & I couldn't get into the menu. Upon rebooting, I was not able to input the sim card pin. Pressing the center windows button brings me to the lock screen again... Holding the Windows button launches the voice recognition software but was unable to recognised voice input. The voice instruction from the phone was also intermittent / sounded choppy. So had no choice but to send the phone to the service center hopping they could find some way of resetting the phone & bringing it back to life. Well my greatest fear came true. It's coming to 3 weeks now & the phone is still under service. Apparently, the SC is waiting for a new motherboard to arrive & the Christmas holiday is causing the delay. I could not get a definitive answer from the SC as to the cause of the failure. Imaging the embarrassment during Chirstmas when friends asked about my WP7 phone & I couldn’t help but to agree not to buy another LG phone. Perhaps it’s my bad luck but having failed IC/chips on the Mobo this new speaks very much on the quality of components used. :(
  2. Well both my pc had WMDC 6.1 installed but still pc could not detect the correct driver. Could you see what Samsung MITS USB driver version is installed with the successful sync?
  3. I can't sync my i780 with Win 7 ultimate 32bit or 64bit either. I have 2 desktops, one installed with Win 7 64bit & another with 32bit. Apparently, Samsung don't have drivers for Vista / Win 7 32/64 bit. Would help if anybody here have managed to sync their i780 wth Vista. Please show step by step what needs to be done & where to download the drivers. Unfortunately, both my machines don't support VM feature in Win 7 or else I could try the XP mode to sync. One more thing, how on earth can the i780 sync via bluetooth but not the cable if the drivers are not there?
  4. I found these 2 program files under window directory: MirageFrontCam.exe MirageRearCam.exe Double clicking on them seems to do nothing. Do you think the Camera.exe program are linked to these 2 files for the front & rear camera output option?
  5. Hartcare

    Charge battery with USB cable

    I discovered that using a mains charger from other samsung phones with output ratings of 500mAh will not charge the i780. Thus the problem with the std usb output. If you could draw power from 2 usb ports, then the i780 could charge faster when not in sync.
  6. Hartcare

    just got a BJ tcpmp screws up my homescreen!

    I seemed to have found a solution to this issue after playing around with FACADE & soft resetting my phone. It dawn on me that the VGA need some kind of refreshing to get rid of the bar. Then I started to look for the program within WM5 OS that resets the VGA & I found it !!! Here is what you should do: 1) Using Smart Explorer go to Windows folder. You can also use yr PC explorer if your're connected on activesync. 2) Scrol down & look for the file called "KSReset.exe" 3) Copy & paste the shortcut to the Start Menu 4) Close the explorer & go to start menu to run the KSReset program 5) You will notice at the top of screen (at the blink of they eye) a message stating reseting phone. I had to run the program several times just to see the message. 6) Then you need to reinstall TCPMP on the phone. If you don't reinstall TCPMP, the player will autoshut down everytime you try to play a file. Reinstalling TCPMP doesn't require you to reinstall all the plugins. 7) When that is done, you'll notice that TCPMP will not give you the bar anymore on exit. At long last, problem solved!!!
  7. Hartcare

    just got a BJ tcpmp screws up my homescreen!

    Hey!!! I'm having this problem too on my i600 running WM5. Hope somebody can tell us how to get rid of this error.

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