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  1. Hop over to XDA Developers Forum and ask the same question, I don't know if the fix is WM5 specific. Does music sound very tinny. Do a search on google, one post I found suggested that later ROM's did not need the fix.
  2. Phil Many thanks, I had found them on XDA-Developers installed them and there is a definate improvment on Loudspeaker and with Headphones the sound is very good?
  3. Sorry - I was having a blonde moment - answer = "Turn the Volume Up" for some reason in Fring it was set to 0 by default??
  4. Hi All; I am aware that there is a Software Patch available called "Bass Fix" to enhance the tinny sound produced by the SPV M700 AKA HTC P3600/Trinity. Before I run off and install it how up to date is the patch, my Device Info is as follows: ROM Version: ROM Date: 01/25/07 Thanks in advance. :D
  5. I read this post and rushed off to find "Fring" - it seems to be an excellent application, I`d been looking forward to getting MSN Messanger on my phone and Fring does it all!! Anyway Iv`e installed it and MSN works fine, I do have a problem with VOIP though!! I set up a second skype account on my PC and configured skype in Fring, when I make a call I cannot hear anything on the phone but my voice can be heard by the other caller!! Any ideas? Ta
  6. HI; I recently got an SPV M700 WM5 device, previousl I had an SPV C550 Windows CE and I have only ever connected it to my Laptop using Activesync to copy cab files and music etc. I have never used ActiveSync to sync address book contacts or E Mails. Can anyone point me to a good tutorial or uide on using Active Sync. I use MS Office XP but I`m about to install MS Office Enterprise 2007 with Outlook 2007 which I believe is compatible with Activesync, I`ve just downloaded ActiveSync 4.5. One main thing I need to know is if I have contacts already on my phone and contacts already in ooutlook which ones will get overwritten. Does the Outlook on the PC remain the master and the PPC remain the slave?? What syncs with what? What`s the best way of setting up a partnerships to maintain details. I have a BT Internet E Mail account on my PC but have not set up an E Mail account yet on my PPC, it would be nice to check my E Mails on the PPC but not essential but it would be nice to be able to send EMails and have the replies go home? I suppose I could set up a sub account with BT and just use that on the PPC to avoid confusion. Many thanx :D
  7. Hi; Just to let anyone that`s interested know, I have had my SPV M700 for a couple of weeks now and imo its the absolute dogs cahoona`s -this phone absolutely kicks butt. I am so impressed I want another one!!! As I`m a PAYG man I got mine on E Bay advertised as "NEW" I was a bit aprehensive but now I have it my fears have subsided. It definately appeared to be new and was still locked to ORANGE so my Orange PAYG SIM Card worked a treat. It also came with the usual ORANGE SPV M700 package, which I can safely say I am most impressed with. In the short time I have had it I can say the following: BEST POINTS: Windscreen Mount - Very well made and uses a mechanical suction device to stick to the screen that a Cat Burglar wishing to climb a glass office building would proud of. Built in GPS - Something that not a lot of sales people know about, but the built in GPS is a fantastic added feature, I have installed Tomtom 6 with celbrety voices and its brilliant. Stay away from Orange own version unless you have an unlimited data package!! Mobile Office Applications - For someone like me who uses MS Office Daily Word and Exel are a real bonus to have to hand. Touch Screen - I knew this was a stylus operated device but never having had one before did not know that the whole thing was touch operated, apart from the obvious buttons of course - who needs an HTC Touch "Which got bad reviews" or an IPhone. Adaptability - So far I have installed some extra games "Minesweeper / Tetris" and a couple of utilities "Cleartemp - a temp file remover / Total Commander - an alternative file explorer, both excellent Freeware applications. NEUTRAL POINTS Camera - Reading reviews about this phone before I bought it I was actually quite impressed with the Camera - having read that its not the best 2MP camera. Photos taken in natural light are very impresssive but indoors is a little shady, but if I`m indoors I`ll take my camera!! Car Charger - Groovy Blue LED "I Love Blue LED`s" BAD POINTS Screen Cover - The supplied screen protector is useable but not brilliant, it slightly smaller than the screen and I positioned mine towards the bottom left wich means the areas that I mostly hit with the stylus are only just covered - there are better ones on the market. But at least Orange supply you with one. Speaker - The sound output is pretty crappy quality, its listenable but not great - I have heard that there is a 3rd Party software patch "BASS FIX" or something which I am going to look for. All in all a very impressive phone!! Thanks to HTC for the phone and to ORANGE for throwing the package together. :D
  8. I just bought a "new" one on E Bay - cost me £212.00 did not know Orange were selling re-furbished models, when they say re-furbished how good are they? Are the damage cosmetically? This is my first Pocket PC and all I can say is where have I been all its life its an absolutely fantastic phone!!!
  9. Hi, thanks for the positive responses, I had found http://www.pocketpcfreeware.com and man its absolutely choka with freebies. So far I have installed: Cleartemp - excellent. Total Commander - File explorer - Does the job but I'll try out some others as suggested. I've also installed a couple of games: Miner - Classic Realm - Excellent gfx but v difficult to control. Kevtris - Good Tetris Copy. As well as Pocketmusic with some winamp skins - its ok but with skins I find it v hard to see the buttons. Anyone recommend a good all round Music / Video player. TVM
  10. Hi; Posted a similiar question previously but did not really get any answers. I am new to Windows Mobile but have been an avid PC user for many years. So far I`m really impressed with my new toy and have successfully installed TomTom6 on my SD Card and got Dr Evil giving me directions heck I use it even when I Know where I am!!! I use my pocket PC for the Internet extensively on my home WiFi, Txt ing and Word Mobile. I`m now looking for some useful apps for my SPV M700 such as: Temp file cleaner for cleaning Temp Files, IE Browsing History etc. File Explorer - Better than the one installed. Virus Checker? Anti Spyware Scanner? As well as some decent games - anyone used a SNES emulator and Mario Bros. I had a look on the freeware sticky on this web site but a lot of the stuff is a couple of years old? Any pointers would be great.
  11. Sorry if I can't quite follow you post but bear with me. By mbt do you mean a motorbike? And you want to have a gps trace the route and measure the distance that you have covered? I'm sure this is possible its just finding a programme that does what you want. Do a search on google for "Gps software" i'd be interested myself and may even look it up, let me know how you get on. Good luck
  12. Hi ; I bought an SPV M700 and it did not come with a charger, the seller sent me a replacement charger but Im pretty sure its the wrong model - its says "For C500" on it. The main label says: Input AC 100 - 240v Output DC 4.2 - 10v Can anyone with an SPV M700 tell me the specs on thier`s, I do not want to plug it in incase it causes any damage!! TVM
  13. Hi; I just got my first Pocket PC an Orange SPV M700 running Windows Mobile 5. I am an IT user and was wondering how much of a threat are viruses and spyware on Windows Mobile devices. I use AVG Free Virus Scanner, Lavasoft Adware and Spybot on my PC with great success. What anti virus / spyware software is required and any recommended. Many thanx
  14. well I now have my SPV and imo its brilliant! :D Its so easyto use I'm on it right now writing this post! I am going to play around with it for a while before I install anything. Thanks
  15. Hi; Can someone point me to a reputable dealer selling HTC P3600 / Orange SPV M700 accessories. I`m looking for a USB Cradle and a Wall Charger as well as screen protectors and things. There are so many dealers out there its hard to know which ones are selling quality products and not cheap imitation rip offs. The main reason I ask is that I have just bout an SPV M700 from E Bay and the seller did not include a wall charger, although it was listed. They admitted thier error and promptly ordred one and had it delivered to my house, well its turned up and its has a sticker on it "For C500" which is an old HTC / Orange product and I don`t want to plug my new phone into it!!! Its clearly from another E Bay Seller no invoice nothing!! Made in China Output DC 4.2 - 10v!! Ta
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