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  1. i too played with those two tabs today and loved them but i will wait for comet to deliver on 21st april simply cause the screen should be better with its ips panel, should? i wish amazon had not pushed me to cancel my order i really wanted the keyboard but june? come on now thats naughty
  2. unicron

    a bluetooth headset for the desire

  3. Hello, I drive a lot so I need a bluetooth headset that will allow me to call any contact on my phone without touching the phone I have just updated to 2.2 on my desire and all my other headsets don't work with voice calling even though they worked on my winmo devices. Has anyone out there got their Bluetooth headsets to work fully with Tue desire running froyo? It you have which one do you use? Make and model numbers please. Thanks for your help
  4. unicron

    T-Mobile G2 Touch - ROM FINALLY RELEASED!

    i cant redown load any apps? how are you suppoed to do a restore without getting your app back from the market?
  5. unicron

    The official T-Mobile G2 Touch 'Ask Paul' thread

    all i want is a rom update for me g2.......if it was not for the data plan i would have bought the orange hero.......*sigh*
  6. but the question is also what tempts me away? and from what i saw at CES, the pre does most of what i do on my kaiser with better intergration( don't know if pre does word docs or cut and paste across all programmes) but smoother and faster. i like customisation to a point but i'm done with custom roms just to have simple things like being able to have msn or other things t-mobile turn off. i actually want M$ to succeed with winmo7 but i don't want the stop gap 0f 6.5. my next phone needs to be a good phone first with the smart stuff well integrated.
  7. whats going to take me away is the palm pre which looks like a great communications device plus windows mobile 6.1/5? i'm just not satisfied with windows mobile any more. i just want something that works well out of the box without the need to install media players, browsers, file explorers etc. M$ has had long enough to get things smoother and faster but with the exception of htc and a few others i have not seen enough improvements which warrent another 18 month contract or £300-£400.
  8. um i seem to be having a problem finding such website or cab file <_< so could some one pm me a link or cab? pweeeese
  9. unicron

    The official Celio REDFLY 'Ask Paul' thread

    :D nah i got my rom from this forum its just that they only state wm6.0 ad i got 6.1 but weeeeely want one of these celio redfly's but would be gutted if i could't get it to work for some months
  10. unicron

    The official Celio REDFLY 'Ask Paul' thread

    hey Paul, i've got another question. even though the pic you posted is using a diamond with windows 6.1 would I beable to use my Vario 3 with WM 6.1 (cooked rom) or does it have to be certified roms? I know this is probably not possible but when you do your video review is it likely that we could get a downloable version? Wmv or avi? oh one more thing is the version your testing stock build or pre production build cause all the other reviews I see on the net are pre production with missing elements thanks
  11. unicron

    The official Celio REDFLY 'Ask Paul' thread

    so if I wanted one, where would I get one and pay 500 dollars for one? also apart from opera what other third party aps are upscaled? em....does TCMP/Core media player upscale or does it depend on the original resolution of the video? does WM 6.1 work ok or is it only WM 6.0? i'm probably the only person interested in this as the eee pc has no bluetooth for me to use my phone to get online when i'm out plus I would need to upgrade my web&walk package but with a celio redfly I won't plus I can do my other stuff as well.
  12. I know but if you got an ipac, samsung or goldfish you don't. I use audio player all the time instead of media player. I just want winmo7 this year but hey we can't have it all can we
  13. I'm more looking at the Se X1 but the only problem with ALL these new high powered phones is the operating system. i have Wm 6.1 on my tytn 2 and have had wn 2003 se, WM5 & 6 and WM2002.....but of late there just is not enough of an advance in the software side to warrant a new phone. On the mediaplayer does not know its in a phone? you can not select a music track then use that track a notification for a ringtone/txt/email etc. it only plays a few piddlely codecs?. As for the browser......lets not go there. I love the look and spec of the new phones but it seems like Sony and Htc will have to put so much of theur own personal programmes (Htc Album/audio player etc) in to make up for the poor operating system. I hope the phones sell well but i just feel deflated by WM 6.1
  14. unicron

    HTC TyTN II Is Pants

    :( i was wondering if what happened to me can help you. my friend got the htc branded kaiser for work and raved about it before he had to give it back before he left (he has a modded iphone now) i got the t-mobile version about 6 months later and i thought it was good but not a big leap over my old spv m3100. i could not see what all the internet reviews were going mad over? then two months into me owning the phone i was getting screen lock ups and other problems that people mention here (no where near as much but enough to weewee me off) so i thought funk it and flashed the rom with TLR or TRL? His rom is on here somewhere with a GOOD guide as well. i can report my phone is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better now. yes the screen freezes for a couple seconds 3-4 times a month but with wm 6.1and a proper working phone life is good and my phone now pooh poohs all over my old spv m3100 (which also had video problems?) i now use my psp for video play back but for everything else the flashed htc kaiser t-mobile voda rom is great. its a shame that i HAD to do this in order to get a working result which is how the mda vario 3 should of come out of the box. htc's own rom seems light years ahead of orange and t-mobiles own versions so just do it, if your phone somehow shows no signs of improvements just sell it and by a Nokia :(
  15. just a quick queation, I have successfully flashed my vario 3 using this method but what I would like to know is, can I flash my vario in future just by getting hold of newer roms or do I have to do the entire process again (botloader screen, unplug blah blah etc)? thanks

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