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  1. bobroberts

    Syncing an HTC TyTN with Mac OS x

    you need markspace's missing sync for it to work. visit markspace.com it's pretty solid software and well worth the money
  2. bobroberts

    Xmas Present: FREE Game

    isn't that the linux penguin???
  3. bobroberts

    Availability of the Orange UK 1.61 Build

    thanks mr orange, is there a concise breakdown as to what's new in this build and what to expect. no guesses please, just cold hard facts.
  4. bobroberts

    Update on the 1.6 Build

    Thanks for the reply mr orange, will look forward to monday with anticipation...
  5. bobroberts

    Update on the 1.6 Build

    Paul, as you're certain that the update is not arriving today, would you have any idea of when the update is likely to appear. Ball park, informed guess type thing would do. Seems bonkers that they had a 1.5 build with a few bugs ages ago and yet still no 1.6. They must be losing stacks of cash from people not being able to use gprs. I know I can't. Not reliably anyway. What's up Orange? neil (bobroberts2001)
  6. bobroberts

    1.6 Update when?

    Well it's now the 13th November... is the 1.6 update still due for a Nov 15th release? How did the testing go with the mods? Does anyone have any other news? Cheers Neil
  7. bobroberts

    Mobile Hotmail no longer free?

    don't mean to be offensive but... isn't this a little unsecure? I mean can't you use a hotmail address as an for ebay and other stuff as a passport? could someone be collecting these hotmail addresses and passwords? just a thought neil
  8. bobroberts

    SPV E100/UK 1.5ROM - Battery Life?

    battery life improved after a few weeks of ownership. battery conditioning???
  9. bobroberts

    What do you fill your 128MB card with?

    some movies from www.pocketmovies.net some wallace and gromit movies roms for gnuboy, smartnes, smartvcs utilities such as taskmanager, regedit, smartexplorer mp3s, pictures... only 11mb left off a 128mb card tis very cool
  10. bobroberts

    SmartNES v1.1 : some new features

    Am I just crap at games or does everything run a bit too fast. Can there be (or is there already eek) a speed limiter to adjust for the hardware variations??? ta
  11. An old fave site of mine when i first got a PC http://www.vg-network.com/ hundreds of legal, public domain ROMS for Gameboy, NES & Atari 2600 Ok some might be rubbish but try getting this many games for your P800 Should keep you all amused for a while Never mind the illegally obtained copy of Mario Tennis obtain via some dodgy place... try this instead easy now ps Sorry if this link has been posted before but post update many of us have decerted and may find this useful...
  12. bobroberts

    I Can't APP unlock

    don't why you have to erase the ispm but you do. it seems to take longer to boot and creates the "window of opportunity" to get the edited file across. which is maybe why some people aren't have sucess??? fingers crossed for y'all
  13. bobroberts

    I Can't APP unlock

    as a general rule (though search my other posts for more specifics)... 1) post update - you only need to edit one file - search the forum 2) you must do erase ispm. if it fails you must still go through the whole erase ispm thing again (hold voice record and action when you power on, release power and voice whilst still holding action. release and press action again quickly then choose erase ispm) 3) once you reboot wait for the blue screen to appear (should take about a minute or two) then count to 3 and put it in the cradle. as soon as you see the green icon appear then drag the file across, if it looks like its not doing it then its not so keep dragging it across until it asks you "do you want to overwrite?". having sim pin lock on in your security settings helps here cos it gives you a few extra seconds 4) copy over NotBad and try to run it. if it works then your unlocked. i found the editing favorites thing a bit misleading really... you'll definitely be able to do it but it takes practice took me about half an hour (half a dozen go's) but i could do it in about five minutes now. good luck :wink:
  14. open sound manger in windows (it's on most versions i think) and then save it again as a 16bit pcm wav should do the job methinks
  15. bobroberts

    Post update installations?

    I had a standard certified phone pre update. i updated then decerted. see the other threads and my recents post for more information

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