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  1. daveo has not replied to your suggestion, so can this hard reset be done when a phone is locked as described? If it can, would this not negate the whole purpose of locking the phone in the first place?
  2. You could check out this thread: http://www.coolsmartphone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10513 I currently use www.nonoh.net website. The login page is: http://myaccount.nonoh.net/clx Use Opera Mini 3 or 4 browser for best results. As a bonus, this site offers the best call rates between phones, worldwide, especially mobile2mobile, in comparison to others. (also, no 5c euro connection fee) The above paragraph will become clear once you read the thread.
  3. Open a new text message. Press and hold the * key. Then T9 Languages. You can also edit your dictionary here by selecting T9 Settings, then My Words.
  4. Try this: Open a new text message. Press and hold the * key. Then T9 Settings, then My Words.
  5. You could try one other thing to see if you can at least login to Skype. With your sim in and WiFi disabled, get to the Connection Method page and change Connection to WiFi & 3G. I did this on my SP5 (WiFi & Edge) and it logged into Skype ok. Not that's it's of any real use with Edge. See what happens with your device? Ps. I picked up a PAYG 3Skypephone recently and in all honesty it knocks spots off the Skype client in my WM 5/6 Smartphones. The really big bonus is the non-necessity of WiFi and data free Skype calls, home and roaming abroad.* * 3UK sister networks only. If mobile Skype is important to you then this could be an additional arrow to your quiver.
  6. Try this it may work. Take out your sim. (no gprs) Boot up your phone. (don't connect WiFi) Click on the Skype icon. Enter your sign in details and sign in. You should get a Connection Method page where you are prompted to select a prefered connection method. ie WiFi only or WiFi & 3G. At least you will find out what your current Skype setting is.
  7. Allow me to add my tuppence worth to the semantics here. O's CS phrase: 'No sir you didn't call us', is unfortunate as it can be interpreted as inferring that ajb3000 is lying. As one knows, there are few things that upset people more than having one's veracity impugned-real or imagined. CS could simply have restated that there is no record of the call and that their hands are tied. (And if the CS operative is fed up with the job, conclude with: 'now bugger off you lying git'.) Really though, I don't see why operators can't just sms or email clients confirmation of any changes to existing arrangements. Better for everybody all round.
  8. modgnik

    PAYG Mobile Data

    I checked on the My3 feature on a 3skypephone and it states that you require an Internet Add-On for your emails, so I took the £5 jobby for 30 days. To me these 3skypephones @ £50 are the perfect xmas present for youngsters as long as they can afford the minimum £10 per month top-up to take advantage of the Skype facility.
  9. I beg to differ. The SPJAS lacks WiFi. The features I mentioned were in addition to the existing features of the SP5. I do in fact have a MTeoR which, although lacking a front facing camera like the SPJAS, does have HSPDA but alas no WiFi. This HTC Breeze model could have been the perfect upgrade but lack of WiFi and lousy battery life doomed it. IMO anyway. EDIT: I just realised that the mentioning of the WiFi-less Dual may have elicited your response. Sorry to mislead.
  10. Are you like me, frustrated that HTC never bothered to upgrade the Tornado? It's been 2yrs now since the introduction of this brilliant device. All that was needed was the addition of 3G/HSDPA and 128mb Rom. (2mp camera and 400Mhz CPU would be ok as well) The Asus Jupiter satisfies the above criteria but I keep going back to my SP5 - I miss my dedicated Contacts and Message buttons and the ability to toggle between them. But Edge speed is painful for browsing. Perhaps I must just move on to the Touch Dual?
  11. modgnik

    PAYG Mobile Data

    [quote name='J273' date='Oct 17 2007, Id see i transfer about 1mb per day...with web/email/rss .etc thanks
  12. Does not work on my SP5 but does on my Graphite.
  13. modgnik

    O2 PAYG Tariffs

    O2 now offer, on PAYG and contract, 200mb for £7.50 per month with full web browsing. You can check it out on their site under Tariffs. It seems the competition has finally gotten thru to O2. Now all that is necessary is for Orange to join the party.
  14. You could hard reset. Or save your contacts in Outlook to your desktop then delete them from Outlook. Connect your device to your pc and sync. This should clear your device. Then copy your contacts back from desktop to Outlook.
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