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  1. Thanks. Just re-installed with updated custom MCR and everything is working well. jjjjayd13, :)
  2. Paul, Thanks for you 'Excellent' work! I seem to be having a problem with my selections in the kitchen. The first time I thought that the kitchen worked from my phone, when I downloaded I found out that I should make my selections online. Then I again downloaded the MCR with my selections but for some reason the prior selections were still there. I again my selections online, downloaded and installed but again the original selections(which we not correct) were selected. Do I need to 'wipe' because of my original mistake? How can I 'select' MY kitchen? Please help! jjjjayd13, ;-((( :)
  3. Thread #3, I too would be willing to be a 'beta' tester, Paul!!! :D
  4. How do we use 'Enhanced' version on Sprint Hero? I tried to install using update.zip method, but no success. I did have success using that method with 'Core'. TIA jjjjayd13 :)
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