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    iPAQ HW6915 (Stonking Device)

    Hi I have one of these phones and I am impessed. The type of storage/memory used is non volitile so it is like a USB memory stick - no power is needed. The downside of this type of memory is that it is slow, hence I recommend opening the apps you want and minimising them, maximising them when you need them takes a fraction of the opening time. So in closing when you press the on /off switch it is off - just like a Usb memory stick removed from your pc. Remember however if you want no battery use - switch off the phone, bt, gps, wi fi, - on the Ipaq wireless screen. till next time - be blessed
  2. Hi, - my first post. I have a 6915 and at first i didnt know what to do with it - it felt too big. Well I buckled down and over a 2 weeks started nailing it with all sorts of apps and utilities and programs I could find to see how it works. I have even overclocked it! The beauty of this device is its incredible processing ability. What I have found is to get programs to open takes a while - this I have found is because of the type of memory used in all these devices- not because of the processor. So what i do is open all the apps i need! then minimise them all, seriously - I open about 4 programs and not small little ones. spb pocket plus alows you to do this - get a trial and try it. The E-Sword bible takes me 23 seconds to open. once I maximise it - 3 seconds to open. Must have programs are Pocket Player 3.01 - just amazing. TCMP is a video player that is better than anything I have ever seen on a pc - I play dvds that I have ripped on this player and the quality is as astounding -I rip the movies to about 400 meg -store on mini sd. The gps works - I have never had one before. The speaker is loud and the screen is bright - get screen protectors to protect it, dont and you will pay! With music playing- Pocket Player , the Bible open - E-Sword, the video player open, Word open and the device overclocked to 533 from 416 the cpu usage stabilises out at 20%! Connection to the net is great -it is faster than my Motorola v360 (both have Edge) The only thing that i could complain about is that it is incompatible with my first generation Nokia bluetooth carkit The other thing is that i have become a little obsessed with finding stuff to try out on it as it is really a brilliant little phone if a little ugly - i Thought about spraying the cover black. till next time

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