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  1. Hi, I just installed a 2gb microSD card in my Dash and I want to check the available space on the device. How do I do that? I see the "Storage Card" listed in the ActiveSync explorer, but I just want to be sure it is working correctly. Thanks for any help! ~Seth
  2. Hi, Download SkinProject_OS_X.part2.rar and save to the same directory as .part1.rar (located in the 1st post of the support topic- Download File). Once both of these are saved to the same directory unpack .part1.rar and .part2.rar will be "added" to .part1.rar. From that point follow the "readme.txt" and you should be good to go... Hope that makes sense. ;) ~Seth
  3. Hi, Thanks for the information; I've heard so many good things that I just can't say no at this point :-) Thanks again, S
  4. Hi, Glad to hear you got it working; great skin eh? I'm not certain as to your remaining questions; though you did say you have a Mac...this is slightly off topic, but how has your experience been with a Mac and Windows Mobile 5 (I'm assuming 5)? I'm considering getting an iMac with the "MissingSyn" software... Thanks, S
  5. Hi, Hmm...did you get any error messages? Also, did you use the "Download File" link to download "part1.rar"? I know I had some problems downloading the "part1.rar" and it turned out I was trying to download the wrong file; you need to use the "Download File" link that is embedded in the page entitled "Click here to download this file". Sorry I can't be any more help at the moment; if I think of something I'll post another reply. In the meantime try to once again, download from the "Download File" link and then part 2 from the topic post... Best of luck. ~Seth
  6. Hi, Any chance of including a signal strength indicator in the next release of this skin? Thanks, S
  7. Hi, These are the steps that I took: 1) Download the "part1.rar" using the "Download File" link embedded in the "Click Here to Download This File" page 2) Download the "part2.rar" embedded in the topic post 3) Ensure that both of this compressed files are in the same directory 4) Unzip/Unpack the "part1.rar"; in the process of doing this the "part2.rar" files will be extracted from the "part2.rar" file and placed in the "part1.rar" folder 5) Read the readme.txt file; this will tell you how to install the files correctly Hope that helps you out- also check page 5 of this post as it includes some instruction as well. Best, S
  8. Hi all, Update (for all of you on the edge of your seat ;) ): I was finally able to install this skin (awesome skin by the way!!!). Turns out I was downloading the wrong file *embarrassed face* Anyway, can the "Tasks" button on the launcher be update to reflect current and upcoming tasks? Do I need to constantly update the .xml to do this or can this plug-in sync with Outlook Tasks? Thanks for any help! ~S
  9. Hi, I love the look of this skin but have not been able to successfully install it on my DASH at this point. I have been clicking on the "Click here to download this file" link to get to the "support topic" for part1.rar. I download the part1.rar updated on Feb. 4th and when I try and unpack it using Zip Genius 5 my computer locks up and it doesn't unpack. Am I downloading the correct part1.rar? Anyone else have a similar experience? Any fixes...? Please help... Thanks, Seth P.S. I am able to successfully download and unpack the part2.rar included in the topic post...
  10. Hi, Man, I wish I were savvy enough to modify this homescreen to work with the DASH (landscape). Well, if you are feeling like it; I would be very greatful. ~S
  11. Hi, I also unchecked the "Enable advanced network functionality" and it worked like a charm... Has anyone else experienced this? ~S
  12. Greetings, Anyone know if it is possible (or if it's necessary) to application unlock the Tmobile DASH? If so, what registry editor works and which registry values need updating? Thank you, S
  13. Hi, I've seen some articles on daylight savings time this year (at least in the U.S.) and Windows Mobile 5 devices. Is there any one place I can go to get the "low-down" on this and how to install the patch (if one is available)? I've heard there is .CAB file out there that does the job; does anyone know if this .CAB exists and does it work? Thanks much, S
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if this homescreen will work with a landscape style screen such as the screen on the Tmobile Dash/HTC S620? Thanks, S
  15. Hi, Ok, thanks for the information. Any suggestions of good Symbian sites? ~S
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