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    HD2 + WnW
  1. confirmed - rang up today and was offer the desire on 24 months at £30 per month with 600 minutes, 600 texts and 3gb data - plus one-off £9.99 charge

    Returned back my HD2

    just to even up the debate - I have no issues turning down the earpiece speaker volume to inaudible during a call... and XNUK didn't claim the HD2 was the best - just that he was surprised to hear someone say that HTC Sense was overcomplicated - compared to the underlying windows mobile interface IMHO it is much simpler. I can't spot any attitude issues - cursing the state of titanium interface is fair game.... anyway - sorry to hear you didn't opt for a replacement.
  3. I've been having real troubles since I flashed the full version.. It worked fine for hours, but when i first rebooted the phone, HTC sense would not launch properly. the homescreen would appear, but the clock would hang in the middle of its animation, and then sense would not work. I was able to access the start menu, and the taskmanager said that sense was using 95% of the CPU. I couldn't disable sense because i couldn't get to the homescreen setting tab, as you have to go to sense setting> all settings, and I couldn't do the first step! Anyway, one the 15th reset, sense started. So I have now disabled it!
  4. hey - thanks L3v5y had problems flashing though... first attempt - from homescreen - went to bootloader then said connection problems second - from bootloader - didn't get past 0% then went to recovery third - from homescreen - went to bootloader then said connection problems fouth - from homescreen - flashed fine.... so for others... keep trying! edit... okay - too hasty - I'm now stuck on the Quietly brilliant splash screen.... soft reset doesn't work edit2... okay - battery out. now past HTC screen to Windows "preparing for first use" screen.... now stuck... now battery out again and I'm up and running!
  5. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=584415 is another great list, which includes a cab to make the start hexagon menu have 4 columns not 3 in the second post and my personal favourite, which adds a "mark all as read" to the options in the email inbox http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=379265

    The Games Thread

    wow - cheers! these are great games - particularly experiment 13! anther finding today is that <shock> someone has actually uploaded a usable free game to the windows mobile marketplace - check out Meon Lite - it is a great little game! Also worth noting that Shazam is now free (was £5)

    What's in the box?

    from T-Mobile I got a 2GB memory card but no case. At least i didn't notice it!

    HD2 - keyboard input selector

    no - works fine for me. I just press the arrow to the right of the keyboard and the options pop up, If you are used to a resistive screen you may need to press a little higher!

    HD2 T Mobile UK....STILL WAITING!

    me too. ordered just after 10 on Friday, waiting like a little kid at xmas on saturday morning, gutted by saturday afternoon. And of course as I had it delivered to my home address so unless it comes early doors i'll be at work! Hey ho. One last day of playing Battle for Mars on my G1 won't be too bad...
  10. WILBUR

    So come on...who bought one!!!

    Like most people here i've been trawling the forums for days waiting for the release so i think i've read just about every user review out there to date - and while you are not the only person I've seen report issues with the release version, there are far many more who are having an excellent experience. So I wouldn't wait around - I would return the device and get a new one - sounds like you've got a dud.
  11. WILBUR

    HD2 T Mobile UK....STILL WAITING!

    I'm on Combi 35 + WnW (business account) and I had to fork out £130 to get it on a 12 month tariff, which is about what I would get on mobilephonesdirect for a new subscription (and I have a few high bills from roaming from time to time). It would have been free on 18m contract, but I'll clearly need a new handset next Christmas!
  12. WILBUR

    HD2 T Mobile UK....STILL WAITING!

    :) Goddamnit where's my text message! edit: okay - text message received! - happy days.
  13. WILBUR

    HD2 T Mobile UK....STILL WAITING!

    Just done just that - (T-Mobile business upgrades team) - and guess what - they had pricing for the first time ever, and so I've bought one. :) BUT, she still didn't have it in stock, should be dispatched today, but maybe not, so now I'm waiting for a text message to say it has been dispatched. One step forward. Still no actual cigar.
  14. WILBUR

    So come on...who bought one!!!

    I never heard anyone complain about lag at all in any of the early reviews - most of whom said it was the best handset for typing they've used, then suddenly people have started mentioning lag while typing it in the last few days - must be a screw up in the final release? If it is at least a future flash will fix it, but not what i want for my £500!
  15. WILBUR

    HD2 available now at Vodafone

    to be fair to them the picture looks unbranded....

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