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  1. I "destroyed" two 32 GB cards and using a 8 GB for the moment, which works fine. So should I NOT use the mobile to format the card again? I have a new 32 GB card from a different brand but want to be sure before using it. :)
  2. LOVE this ROM. Thanks Paul! After some weeks with Virtuous ROM I am happy to be back on MCR. :huh:
  3. After some month with the Virtuous ROM I finally wanted to go back to MCR. Flashed the ROM, restored my apps. The phone was slow and sluggy - and finally stuck and crashed with the screen on. Pulled the battery, went into recovery and wanted to restore the old ROM. I get several "Can't mount /cache/..." error messages. Cannot wipe. Cannot restore any nandroid backups. What can I do? The phone won't start now any more (stuck at htc logo). I already partioned the SD again... ----- SOLVED! After flashing a stock non-root ROM, I was able to root again - and everything is fine again... :D
  4. Did you already try to remove the battery and power on again after that? Is the screen still not working?
  5. The restart of Sense happened to me several times a day. Mostly after using the Market (which restarts, too). After updating the new kernel AND removing some widgets and background processes everything is smooth now. No sense restart in the last two days...
  6. No OC but overall everything is smoother and more responsive. So, great, thank you. :angry:
  7. Have you tried the stock music app? Is this working? Any reboot? Maybe some music files arent recognized by the music app, yet?
  8. Thanks for the tip! Tried GParted, notived that my partitions are already in the correct order (LOL!), wiped everything, created new partitions with the recovery image, installed r5-kitchen with A2SD+ - and everything IS working! Great. Happy again. :)
  9. If I do the partition with the rescue boot image I can only create EXT2/3 first and then FAT32... So at the moment my A2SD does NOT work... Any ideas? Have I create the partitions another way? Everything is running smooth now, except the A2SD...
  10. theFRAGGLE

    APP2SD no go

    I did NOT get one of the 2.1 releases (3, 4 or 5) propely installed. Wipe, without wipe, A2SD, A2SD+, without A2SD... Have a SD card with partitions that were create from the recovery image and worked with all older MCRs...
  11. So which version did you use? With A2SD, A2SDplus or without? Even with the latest Recovery Image I am still getting the bootloop. Just tried the A2SDplus version with the latest recovery...
  12. Thanks for the link, but I use a Ext3 (not 4) partition...?? Whatever, back to MCR 3.2 for the moment... :-)
  13. Hmm, I have a bootloop (on "Quietly brilliant") when using A2SD and a different bootloop (on "HERO") when using A2SD+... I tried updating without wiping. With a wipe it seems to be OK. Could this be an issue with my existing A2SD partition from 3.2?
  14. theFRAGGLE


    "SMS Backup" sends your messages to Gmail. But you cannot load them back on the phone...
  15. Yeah, I know BUT: in case of restoring a nandroid backup of MCR 3.2 I don't need to re-install :-) OK, testing the BeHero later without another sd card :-)
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