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  1. That investigator is actually a really nice guy... he called me and left a nice message :D I also got a (slightly different) email. There are sites with those screenshots all over the place, it would be hard to track em all down. And who knows how many other "cases" that guy is working 8)
  2. Skitals

    SD Card Prices

    I got my 1gb sandisk sd card for $50ar. It was $65 - $15mir at outpost.com. That deals no longer good, but you could wait out for another deal like it. Just watch anandtech and fatwallet hot deals forums. JustinN
  3. Im more impressed by the model with 240x320 screen and 3gb harddrive! It runs on WM Smartphone Magneto, which I assume is the next version of Windows Mobile for Smartphone.
  4. Skitals

    Audible ebooks on i600

    You are right (sorta). I just looked at my audiobooks, and they are indeed .aa files. They are just mp3 files with some kind of drm shell. I had just assumed they were plain mp3s since I play them on my ipod. Knowing this, I support the idea of getting an audible player on the smartphone... but trying to take it out of the i600 rom (probably) wont happen. Somebody prove me wrong again =]
  5. Skitals

    Audible ebooks on i600

    Audible ebooks are just mp3s... you could listen to them using WMP on the smartphone.
  6. http://www.sseyo.com/products/miniMIXA/index.html Peace
  7. Well... doesnt look like im gonna be doing this for a while. My phone was supposed to come yesterday... either the guy who sold it to me is ripping me off, or someone at UPS stole it, but the package came and everything was in the box (all accesories and stuff)... but no phone. :cry:
  8. Well, its the fact that you need like 10 remote controls to control everything in one room. When I am laying in bed ready to fall asleep, I have like 5 remotes I need to find to turn everything off (tv, dvd player, stereo, my lights, and my xbox). Its so annoying when i need to get up to turn one of the devices off because I cant find the remote (and i am comfortable and so near sleep). With what I propose, you could make a shortcut to a single wav file and it would shut off all 5 devices. Like I said, I dont really have much interest myself... but that's not to say it cant be done. If griffin can manufacture and sell such a device for the pocket pc, there must be some interest.
  9. Plugging an infrared phototransistor into the headphone jack is a "seperate kit" ?? You can hardly claim that as using a smartphone as a remote? Thats like saying an ipod isnt a digital music player because you need to plug in headphones to listen to music :roll: Fwiw, I took an ir transistor out of an old remote control, and happen to have a spare i600 headset laying around. I am currently smartphone-less, but i should have my new i600 on monday. When it comes I'll see if i can get it working =]
  10. Btw, here is the pocket pc software and audio IR transmitter: http://www.griffintechnology.com/griffinmo...le/totalremote/ And here is a guide to use the above hardware and software with an ipod: http://features.engadget.com/entry/6336778455600767/ Like I said... I dont even want to use a smartphone as a remote control. If I did.... this is the way I would do it. I just dont like it when people say something cant be done (and if it didnt cost $25, I would do it myself) =]
  11. Oh yeah... this is also how you can use an ipod as a remote control. Now if an IPOD can be used as a remote control (without any special software... just playing audio files in folders), there is no reason a smartphone cant do the same thing.
  12. I dont even want to use my smartphone as a remote control, but with all the threads saying you CANT, I think its more then reasonable to say you can. Look at the original ipaq and other ppcs... they said it was impossible. Infrared can be recorded as a sound file... and a smartphone is capable of playing a sound file. A smartphone is also capable of sending those sounds through its headset/stereo jack. Its also more then possible to create/buy/attach a sound->ir converter/transmitter. So your smartphone plays a wav file, it goes out the stereo jack, and is converted to infrared. What is so difficult about that? This is what they did with the old Pocket PCs with weak IR... I dont see how this is any different. You wouldnt even need to write any software... just steal the wav files you generate from the PPC counterpart software, put them in a folder in your smartphone, and play the wav file to perform different functions =] Even an idiot could write an eVB app to automate that process. Peace
  13. Skitals

    SD card speeds....

    Sounds good... thanks =]
  14. Skitals

    SD card speeds....

    While SD is a standard, there are various speeds of SD cards. Some cards perform (read/write speeds) much much better then others (they are actually rated... 32x, 60x, etc). Speed is a problem when it comes to digital photography, because a cheap/slow SD card can take much much longer to write/save a picture. This has the same effect in a smartphone when installing and running software, as well as accessing files from the card. When playing back video or mp3, it buffers small parts of the file at a time, much like videos and other files are buffered on your computer to keep the hdd from spinning constantly. I was just questing whether the slower (read cheaper) SD cards suffer from any noticable illeffects from this.
  15. Skitals

    Download i600 WM 2003 Upgrade for free...

    Update: i700 users... this also works. Just replace the 6 with a 7 in the filenames in the url =]

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