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  1. Its all pretty misleading - it read that you got ad free Modaco and Filesonic for 1 year, which is how I think the vast majority of the people read it. In reality I have paid my money and have a 1 month subscription to something I didnt neccessarily need and modaco that is still covered in adverts. Really REALLY not impressed with this - does it not seem a bit bad that there is a 5 page thread and most of the posts are ones asking for responses, and none are forthcoming.
  2. Payment made a week ago, email sent a week ago... still no upgrade on the account though....
  3. I had one on orange for a couple of days. The signal was very poor - I also tried it with a 3 sim in and where my nokia would get full 3g signal, the Xperia wouldnt sometimes even reach 2 bars on gprs! It went back because of a separate issue rather than signal though.
  4. I had exactly the same problem when I went to a cooked WM6 rom, messages not sending or sending and telling me they hadnt, messages waiting in the outbox until I resend them etc... I ended up going back to the Orange WM5 rom. I tried a different radio and ROM recently and that worked absolutely fine, and have been happy with it since....
  5. Whats the reason for not being able to use it (if its an answer from 3 CS, you can ignore their response!!!)
  6. It is pretty.... Im almost tempted to get an O2 contract just to have a hold of one......
  7. Shaft more like. Something Orange seem to have done to all of us at one point or another.....
  8. I had an M3100, then I went to a Nokia N95... within a week I was back with my M3100. Yes, the nokia camera was great... but everything else was really poor in comparison. Battery life was woeful, bugs everywhere, constant freezing, really poor build quality... not a patch on my lovely M3100!
  9. I use a 3 Sim in my SPV M3100 and my Nokia N70 - neither of which are 3 handsets (both started as Orange handsets). In fact, I use my M3100 as it works on 3's service far better than my LG Viewty which IS a 3 handset!!!!
  10. Go to the update option and once it checks for updates it gives you the uninstall option. Click that, and voila!
  11. Well it un-installed fine from my hermes.... if you uninstall it from the "Remove Programs" option in normal WM6 settings it doesnt, but if you use the uninstall option inside PointUI then it appears to uninstall fine.
  12. For some reason I got a H on my M3100 for the first time ever this evening... most bizarre!
  13. Having gone from a M3100 to an N95, I would be wary of doing so again.... the N95 camera is good and it surfs sooooo fast, but button mis-hits on texting and a really unstable phone have pushed me back to my M3100. The N95 is lovely to look at but the user experience doesnt match up.....
  14. I always get the emails from windowsmobile telling me to download these and it always works - today was the halloween ringtone and wallpaper pack! The ring tune was the start of the theme tune. A little bit tinny on my M3100..
  15. Do you mean free data for your mobile or the free internet that you get with a contract with Orange? If you mean the free internet with your Orange contract, that relates purely to internet via a phoneline and not via your mobile - if you used your mobile with Oranges data plans as a modem for your PC then you would need to remortgage your home to pay for it!!! If you mean Orange give you free unlimited data for your phone, go for it!!! But please tell us all how you got it ;)
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