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  1. I am looking for an app that will allow me to quickly access any file or application by pressing any of the alpha keys. I had one a while ago, but after a reinstall of my WM5 system (don't ask), I can't find the app again. Any ideas/suggestions? To be clear, I want to be able to press "T" and have Tetris open, for example. TIA!
  2. I just noticed that in the screenshot posted by thepogcbr900rr, post #193, the battery indicator has a realistic percentage (92%). I only ever get 100, 75, 50, and 10%. Any ideas why?
  3. The menu at the top of the screen is not accessable, it's just for looks. All access to your programs and the skin plugins is through the dock on the bottom. Remember, this is a skin to make it look like a mac, which it certainly does, but it still ain't a Mac.
  4. The original version had the contact/address book icon, but as it was pointed out earlier in this thread, the right soft key is the contact list. No need to be redundant.
  5. Chris, I just reinstalled and had the same problem. On the Motorola Q I had to set HomeScreen:BackgroundImage to Default. That fixed the problem. ColorScheme should also be Default. Hope that helps.
  6. Sorry James, I didn't see that part. I guess I skipped over it. But I'm using a Mac, and so I can't install .exe from my computer. I guess that explains all the other apps I've tried to install. Is there any other way around it that you know of? JB
  7. I tried installing the SLI Clock plugin, but like with many apps, I get a message that it's not a valid Windows CE program. What's the deal with that?
  8. Oh, man, Friday? You guys are killing me! What am I supposed to do until then, knowing full well that there is a superior version of an already great skin out there. I'm dyin' hea!
  9. A definite, "yes, please", for the missed calls plug-in. Also, I would like to have events and to-dos show up in the calendar window. "It's getting better all the time..."
  10. Wow, I sure missed a lot by being away from my computer all day watching football! First off, thank you to echostats. You made some changes which, in all honesty, I tried to make myself. I thought the process seemed fairly simple, but I was wrong. None of my changes had an effect. Odd! I should stick to sleep research. Jamma, I also thought it was odd the way echostats was seeming to take over your project. I am glad, however, that we were mistaken, and that you guys have kissed and made up. That was uncomfortable for a few moments as I read the thread. Let's all hope that this project continues forward. I, for one, am proud of my "Mac" phone. I showed it off today and people thought it was very cool. Oh, and I am really curious as to what was in that PM. Sounds like there are some new things coming in the next update...?
  11. Jamma, Would it also be possible to change the default click response, ie. when i hit select i am brought to the wireless manager. That, and the above suggestions would make this simply the best! Also, is it possible to get rid of the windoze start menu at the bottom of the screen. Seeing that logo really ruins my enjoyment of "mac os" on my phone. Thanks again!
  12. Now I just need to get File Explorer and Core Player. Having trouble locating them. Any way to change the links to different programs? Maybe a preferences page? TIA, and keep up the good work.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I actually did a reinstall of the support files and then your file. That worked to get all of the screens working. Now I'll try your new update. Cheers!
  14. I'm using Moto Q, too. I get only Messaging, MRU, and Calendar working. Everything else doesn't activate. Any help? TIA
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