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  1. Hi Guys Okay I am ready to be flamed here but I can't get the phone to verify the update file. I have downloaded it twice but I always get "Failed to verify whole file signature" Any hints?
  2. Seems faster and the sound issue is fixed which is a major reason for doing it. Keys seems better, touch screen still not ultra responsive but my day to day phone is a green fruit so maybe that is not a fair viewpoint. Loaded some apps and it still seems fast. And mine froze doing the vendor file also and needed a battery pull!
  3. Hi all Be good to know if anyone can get the Sky Go app working. I have tried an apk from xda and it works until you get to sign in then you get device not supported error.
  4. Low speaker and maybe low output via headphone Jack although only tried it in car.
  5. Okay guys I talked him through installing the Market APK on his Vega and it seemed to install okay but when he presses the icon nothing happens. This was the file used Vending_2_2_11.apk. Its difficult for me to get an understanding as to what is not right as I am not local to him so cannot get hold of the unit. I assume it was not as simple as I thought as I wanted to avoid getting into custom roms as that would have to wait for me to do it as he would not be confident enough. Any ideas on why the Market wont load? My only thought is there is no association with a Google account. Or it was the wrong vending file. Thanks as always for the help! Simon
  6. Guys As per usual you are all absolute legends! I am going to talk him through side loading it and see how that goes. I look forward to meeting you all again when I save enough pennies for my own Vega but for now its back to the Blade forum for me! PS - Thanks for not flaming me for asking a question that i more than likely could have answered with a bit more searching! Cheers Simon
  7. Shadow Wave - That was my original question and the other answers seem to point out that I cannot just install the APK? simonta and wobblydoggy care to comment? I dont want to start a barny but need to know if this can be done? Thanks for all the advice so far guys
  8. Hi Guys I am a visitor from the Blade forum just asking a question for a friend who has reserved a Vega from Currys but is not technical. I fear I may have to stop him as it looks like you can only get Android Market with a custom rom. I am used to doing this and have been on various Android phones but do I fancy doing it on his new £250 toy? No! My theory when he asked me about this was just to get the APK on there and allow it to install all APKs in the settings manager and install it via a file manager. But can I now do it this way without having a custom rom? And I guess does it have a file manager? Sorry for what is probably an obvious question but all my searches via Google pointed at custom roms and if this is the case I may have to stop his purchase! Cheers for you help guys... Simon
  9. Took away any task killer but it still keeps time two minutes or so behind the clock
  10. The clock does not seem to be keeping up with the main system clock and there is mention it may be updating every minute so it may not be so great! Time will tell I guess
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