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  1. If you really want to, my e-mail is [email protected] You can paypal half of the donation to me. Jame's e-mail is [email protected] so you could send half the donation to him. Haha, I know it's kind of weird that there are two of us and splitting donations is kind of odd but we're not in this for the money people. So if you're feeling kind, feel free, if not, download it millions of times and have all your friends download it too. Make sure you post everywhere that Skin Project makes the best skins and that will be donation enough. (I'm being very sarcastic, btw). Have a good one guys, hopefully sometime soon James and I will have time to bust another skin out.
  2. Yea... it's pretty crazy. If you find one, don't post it anywhere. PM it to people because Apple reads all these forums. I am not really sure why they care so much but I am not about to piss them off.
  3. Alright so here's my problem and I really hope someone has the answer... Everytime I attempt to use a homescreen that uses the SmartMonitor signal strength attribute my phone freezes. I restart it and it freezes before I can even change the homescreen. Does anyone else have this issue? Anyone know how to fix it? Of course I could just not use the signal strength but man, it's such a cool thing to have!
  4. I don't know if you read any news sites but apple has gone after every single skin that has looked anything like the iPhone since launch. Just last week they shutdown many, many web pages that were dedicated to iPhone skins. I have not heard of anyone trying to make money off of these skins because that would just be retarded. Apple is going after people that are merely making skins. They have gone after one guy who didn't even make his skin available for download. I don't agree with what they are doing but I am not Steve Jobs either. You won't see me making an iPhone skin atleast bragging about making.
  5. I would like to do an iPhone skin next but I don't wanna get in trouble with Apple. ;)
  6. I don't know if it's a Moto Q issue or not but I have only seen like 100, 75, 50, 25, 10, 0.
  7. Yea, this homie knows whats up. Although actually, the battery and the bluetooth icons in that plugin are almost exactly like the OS X icons. So yea, once Jamma gets a mac, er, gets his pos pc working him and I can explore the possibilities of this plugin, etc.
  8. Not bad but do you have to have all those icons? As we've said before, we're trying to make this as OS X as possible. The battery, the bluetooth and the missed called look almost identical to OS X and I would be interested in implementing them but what you have there doesn't look very clean. I would say that is because you threw it together but be honest, you spent some time putting that image together, changing the dock and removing the battery from the wallpaper.
  9. No, the only plugin in the menu bar is the clock. We're pretty limited on what we can do with this screen because of the scrolling dock. There will be no more MAJOR updates/changes to this skin but there are some things we will be adding. Keep checking back and soon we will have more SkinProject screens in addition to this OS X theme.
  10. Yea, I use a lot of different platforms ranging from XP, Vista, OS X, Ubuntu, WM5 :D. I'm a Mac guy pretty much because I use it all frequently and Mac is the one that I find "relaxing". Less to do, "it just works". I fix XP workstations all day, it's a relief to come home to OS X. OK! done being a fanboy for now. later!
  11. I'm a very sarcastic. I use Windows and have used Windows for about 10 years. I have everything against it but I cannot deny it's usefulness. Please understand it was sarcasm. Ask Jamma, I'm a mac fanboy. To each his own. IT WAS A JOKE
  12. rofl about people wanting to change the theme. BEEN THERE DONE THAT. Anyhow, to change the shortcuts and what they link to simple add the shortcut to the Storage Card\Program Files\SkinProject\OS X\ Shorctuts. Make sure you name them correctly and you're good to go. If you want a Windows theme, check out windowsisgaysogaythatitshouldnthaveatheme.com. This is an OS X theme and that's how it shall stay. Thanks for all the love and continue to watch out for our future themes. (vista has been talked about as being our next theme so hold your horses).
  13. We have some plans for the dashboard and that just may end up being one we will try. There is still we want to do to this skin but all in all I think it turned out pretty well. Thanks a lot for the kind words and we will continue to try to get more comments like that from you guys as we release more skins. SkinProject
  14. Well, I guess you and I am somewhat alike. I am too all about macs and that's why I couldn't wait to get the first version of this skin on my phone. After using it for awhile and beginning to understand how it all worked, I contacted Jamma and we began working together to make it is exact as possible. There are some things we still need to get right, one of those obviously being the dashboard but there are other small, very small details that bug me about the skin that will be fixed in the next release. As sleepdoc stated, there was an Address Book in the dock in the initial release but if we put it back in, we would have to take something out. It just didn't seem necessary since you can use the right soft key. Don't know if any of you read digg but I just submitted the link to the skin. I did a little bragging in the description to lure in the public so go digg it and add a comment! http://digg.com/apple/Best_OS_X_Smartphone_Skin_Ever
  15. i doubt its possible code wise. it would be nice though. i dont really care about voicemail and anyone who hates a mac has not used one in 5 years. nuff said.
  16. Thank you very, very much for the kind words. Yes, James certainly has been the inspiration and the back to all of this. I just came a long to show the Windows Loser, I mean user, how to make a real OS X skin. :) All joking aside, we do plan to do more skins in the future. We've both been pretty busy and and you read above, Windows is killing another machine as we speak. Anyhow, James will have to let me know if somehow we can assign icons to that list. Although I know I could make up some icons I don't know how the background code would handle that. I don't want to use the stock icons because they are terrible. Personally, I like it plain and simple. Has anyone seen the missed call plugin? I'm normally hold my phone at all times so today was the first time I even seen the Missed Call image and number count in action. I like it. :D The SkinProject is going to continue to bust out some sweet skins but don't expect them to be a dime a dozen. We're going to pick and choose what we will do next. There probably won't be any random skins... most will have a theme, etc. There won't be many either because we spend a lot of time on them. So basically, they're gonna be LIMITED EDITION. :D Later and hope to talk to you soon, James. Check out Apple.com when you get sick of that windoze garbage.
  17. http://www.engadget.com/2007/02/07/windows...ile-6-announced
  18. Im also using a mac. I am going to check something tomorrow which I think will work for installing exe files. I will post my results.
  19. its those kind of comments that make me want to continue making screens. be on the look out for future releases from The SkinProject.
  20. The reason for the two files is because modaco limits the file size of one file. Because our skin is the best, it's also one of the biggest. The zip files are actually 1. It's a very simple concept so please follow me: Download the part1 zip, which is the main download file, DO NOT OPEN IT. Download the second zip file, part2 and put it in the same directory as part1. Once both are downloaded, then open the first zip (part1). When you do this, it will actually pull the file parts from part2 and extract them as one. You can then delete both part1 and part2. Use the files that were extracted. Basically, that was 1 zip at one point but with the zipping software you can choose to split the file into parts. It was split so it could be uploaded onto this site. If our next skin is a success, which I imagine it will be, we will be launching a website. It won't be much but you will be able to browse to the page of downloads on your phone and download directly... or download with your computer. There will be no part1 or part2. That is simply because of the file size limits set by this website (which are not bad limits at all, the file is just pretty large for a skin). Hope this helps. Also, we have noticed several issues with the skin and will be releasing a fixed xml file soon. We will also be adding new features this week (hopefully). Thank you for the kind words, those never get old. Do not be scared to give your honest opinions and suggestions on our skin and I will not be scared to tell you my thoughts on your opinions. :)
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