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  1. When on the homescreen, 'sweep' up with your finger and the big clock will change to a smaller one. 'Sweep' down, it will change back again. You can also customise the clock appearance (and the rest of the touch-flo interface appearance) using the Manila customisation program available from XDA devs - but think about this later, get your ROM flashed and sorted out first.
  2. Since flashing a new ROM - SwiftBL > http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=408109 - my battery life has improved enormously. I'm not a heavy phone user anyway, but I've gone from roughly 1 day before getting down to 25%, to easily over two days, sometimes 3.
  3. HT 644 here! And all working perfectly so far :)
  4. OK, expecting my M3100 tomorow (Mon). I currently have a C600 running TomTom, version 5.20. Will this work on my new M3100, or will I need a different version? It's v 5.20 for Windows Mobile 5, but are there different versions of WM5 for Smartphone and Pocket PC, meaning I need a new version of TomTom? Thanks!
  5. Just got very similar... Had the call from O Upgrades too, on Fri. I got the M3100 free (down from £149, apparently...) and signed a new 18-monther. Got 500 x-net mins, 200 text and unlimited landlines for £35/month - 'appy with that!! Handset delivered Monday.
  6. Thanks for the help. I called upgrades (I HATE the annual call to upgrades.....) and she told me that when back in stock, it would be £149 to upgrade. As usual, immediately called disconnections (under the guise of 'checking my contract end date' :D ) and lo and behold - we'll do the handset for free :) Also said I could have 500 mins / 200 text / Unlimited land lines for £35/month - sounds good! (18 months tho, normally would only do 12 month, but it is a good deal). Weighing this up against T-Mob Flext + W/W, which is actually better still, but I do prefer the M3100 handset - it's a sexy beast :P But another VERY stupid question - as I prob won't have any data package included, I'm worried about data charges. And here we go with stupid question - if I use Wifi to access the www, does Orange know? Do they charge? I'm certain they don't, but you never know...... Or, are there any Orange data packages that are worth having? - they don't publicise them very much. Sorry to harp on, but thanks in advance!
  7. Has anyone upgraded to the M3100 from a C600 for free? If so, do you mind if I ask your contract term / average monthly spend? I only ask because it's upgrade time for me this month, and I'm thinking about giving the M3100 a whirl - My First PDA :) But before I don my battlegear and speak to Upgrades about what I want, just wondering if they might laugh in my face. What I have: C600, 12 month term, finishing this month 200mins x-net, 500 texts (texts were an old special offer which I manged to keep) Approx 35 - 45 monthly bill 3 years subscription What I want: M3100 on 12 month term - FREE Increase in minutes to around 300, drop texts to about 100. I'm quietly confident, but has anyone else been in a similar boat? And what happened? Ta!
  8. Not at all! TomTom Mobile works with any compatible GPS receiver - I use a 16ch 'BT-77' unit, off eBay for £35 + P&P. You just need to make sure that, when setting up TomTom for the first time, you choose 'Other GPS Receiver' when given the choice, and not 'TomTom Receiver'. Works lovely, v. happy :)
  9. Following advice from this forum, I'm now up and running with my own GPS, and it works a treat!! I bought a BT-77 16ch receiver from eBay (£35.00 + P+P) and a SanDisk 512MB card from... can't remember, somewhere online doing them for £21.99 delivered. Also got a universal gooseneck in-car holder for the phone for (I think) £6. I have TomTom Mobile 5 (5.2) - I kinda prefered the look of it to the other packages available, but the main reason is the availability of it, and the support. I'm well impressed with the whole thing, it works pretty much perfectly - and TomTom is very customisable, which I like. I currently have Yoda telling me to 'At the roundabout, turn, you will' :) but I'm sure I'll get sick of that before too long.
  10. I had probs too with C600 and ActiveSync at first... basically it was my firewall (Zone Alarm) which I fixed by allowing the C600 'in' to my system. I got the (quite comprehensive) guide on what to do from Microsoft's website. The 4.0 advice also applies to 4.1: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/hel...nc/default.mspx
  11. That's exactly what I was just gonna ask, after doing the 20 pages!! Got me C600, so the c500 is bound for eBay but would prefer to be able to offer it as sim unlocked - would like to hard reset it though before it leaves me....
  12. Called this morning too (150>4>1). Girl sounded like she'd had a few of these of late when I mentioned the C600!! I'm on £25 / month contract, but generally total bill is £35-40. She told me it would be £29.99 to upgrade. Said I didn't want to pay a fee, so requested PAC code. Put through to retentions. Told girl #2 I wanted to avoid an upgrade fee and mentioned jumping to T-Mobile. She offered phone for free, on renewal of of 12 month contract. I accepted! Also, was told that, regardless of what handset I upgraded to, I'd be losing my free texts in May. Hadn't heard of this before, but had always been surprised I still had them. I had 500 texts/month free as part of some deal I did years ago, but can't remember what that was now. In any case I don't mind as I don't text much. Was willing to let those go to get the C600 for nowt. She said delivery likely around 4th Jan. Happy with that.
  13. Echoing the general feeling..... I think the ads are pretty much unobtrusive and their presence doesn't bother me in the least - after all, this is a great site. HOWEVER, the continual refresh of ads is really p*ssing me off now. I'm glad Paul brought this up, so I can vent my spleen!! I use IE, and the major issue is that the back button functionality goes to pot. If I want to go back a page, I generally have to click back three, maybe four times, often overshooting to then have to go forwards again. I also have navigation sounds attached when browsing, and all I ever hear when on Modaco now is 'click, pop........click, pop.............click, pop........' and so on. OK, not the end of the world exactly, but it's the only site I find this on, and after years and years of refining my speedy browsing skills, this site really slows me down!! ;)
  14. They're very hard to come by. I just had a big argument with Orange trying to get a back cover for my C500. They sent me a replacement hadset (dust problem) and didn't tell me to keep my old back cover. The new phone arrived without one, but when I asked for it they said they didn't stock them and that if I bought one from the inernet, they'd refund the cost. It was then I found out how hard that is!! I found one on eBay in the US (new) and have heard that you can get hold of the in-store dummy phones (probably eBay too) and use thar, although I think you have to do some DIY on it. Eventually, after arguing this, I got them to send me a brand new boxed phone instead, but obviously if you've just lost yours, I doubt that will work. So try eBay, or maybe give HTC a ring and see of they can help. Best of luck, you'll need it!
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