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  1. Does anyone know if it would be possible to have the bootable OS on an SHDC but have all files saved to the SSD? I will be getting an Eee in the near future, not sure if I will wait for the 2nd gen which are supposedly going to have better processors, and I don't know which OS I want to use. Beyond that, I know that there are some worries of other OS's causing the aforementioned problems with the SSD (whether they are true or not, I know with my luck mine will break right before I hit the save button on my Masters thesis in a few years). Also, I love linux but every once in a while come across a need/urge to be running Windows (or even OSX, though that has yet to run well on the Eee). It would be awesome if I could have different SHDCs with different operating systems that all use files from and save files to the SSD. I am, however, new to most of this and while I have successfully installed linux to my current laptop and gotten ndiswrapper to work (which was quite a feat and a big jump into linux for me) I do not know how I could have the data and OS on different drives. Could it be possible to have the system running like this, saving the on board SSD from constant writes from the OS and give multiple operating systems access to the same files? I'm guessing it has something to do with partitioning the SSD as fat32, but I don't know how I would go about that or if any other problems would come about since the OS is on one drive and the files are on another. Thanks! -sullitf
  2. Thanks for the help, it must have messed up when I installed the RJshortcut plugin the first time, but I remember installing it. I ended up just reinstalling the whole skin to get it to work and its perfect now!
  3. gotchya, I've never had a mac (sadly, I can't afford a stable computer) so I'd never seen the arrows before. Even though I can't figure out how to get all of the buttons at the bottom to work right (I'm sure I just haven't set them up right or something) I already love how good this new skin looks and feels (especially the new mail plug-in and the new RMU setup, very nice!)
  4. I have a couple questions about the launcher at the bottom. I was using the earlier version of the skin and it worked beautifully, the newer version looks amazing and I can tell it is going to be wonderful, but atleast on my phone the buttons at the bottom do not work correctly. I looked in the folder on my storage card where the links are saved, and the ones listed are "1 Finder, 3 Safari, 5 iPhoto, 6 iTunes, 7 Quicktime." In the actual theme, however, the only links that work are mail, iCal, RMU, and the dashboard. When I try to scroll through the other links it simply skips all the other screens. Also, underneath the file explorer, mail, iCal, the RMU, and the dashboard there are arrows pointing at the icons, what do those mean? Lastly, is there a way for me to the clock work (the calender works but not the clock) and to change the tasks listed on the Dashboard? Overall this is a wonder skin, and I can tell that once I get it working well on my phone it is going to be amazing. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in in the last week or so to pump this thing out!
  5. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! I've been checking this thread whenever I get on the computer to see if there are any new updates, this is without a doubt the greatest skin i've seen for a smartphone or PPC! keep up the good work!
  6. I just loaded the skin on my Dash yesterday, but as of yet I really can't think of much that I think need changing. The AM/PM time would be nice just because I am not used to military time. As far as the core player/TCPMP icon, makes no difference to me personally because I have that button running SP Task Manager on my phone. A missed calls plugin would be helpful, but I dont really think necissary. I like the clean look of the skin now, so if you could integrate the missed calls plugin then awesome, but if not you can always tell you have a missed call when the right softkey is "call list" rather than "contacts", as well as from the top bar that shows up in the start menu and most programs. I really love the way this is set up now, good work
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