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  1. The thing Twe(et/ak)Deck does that I literally can't find another app that does, is actually continually updating 24/7 - as in, if you tell it to check a column every (say) three minutes, it will download and cache your tweets *every* three minutes, whatever else you're doing with your phone at the time. All the vast range of other apps I've tried only seem to update when they're in the foreground, though they'll notify you in the background if you have new replies etc. (It's particularly surprising to me how few apps even cache the tweets they have downloaded anyway - you'd think in a limited-download-allowance situation they'd want to cling to anything they'd already grabbed rather than redownloading all the tweets every time you load a List, for instance.) I really value the knowledge that all the tweets since I last looked are already sitting there in TweakDeck waiting for me to look at, regardless of connectivity at the point when I actually want to look at them. If anyone can point me to another app that does this, I'll be very grateful. (Longer version: all I want from a mobile Twitter client)
  2. Paul, this is brilliant - thanks for doing this! I've been frustrated by the lack of even simple updates (e.g. the Lockerz thing) for TweetDeck so was delighted to hear of TweakDeck this evening. A few other things I'd love the app to do, if possible: 1. Let you remove (as well as add) Twitter accounts. No '-' button next to those, only next to Facebook etc. Never understood this in TweetDeck! 2. Let you choose the order the added accounts are displayed in along the top of the compose window, so you can have your most-used accounts showing and your least-used on the 'more' list (yes, I have a lot of Twitter accounts!) 3. t.co link creation - so you can just put full-length links in the compose box and have TweakDeck calculate the length after t.co conversion, but without you having to obfuscate your link by converting it to a bit.ly address. (In other words, the same functionality as official Twitter apps/sites offer on the URL front, since this is a very rare thing that they get right!) 4. Choose custom colours for the interface (as you could in desktop TweetDeck - before Twitter spoilt that as well!) 5. Jump straight to the Search box using the Search button (or in my Galaxy S2's case, long-pressing the Menu button, which is its equivalent of a Search button). 6. Better resilience with sending tweets, especially when uploading pictures. At the moment, when you send a tweet or upload a picture, you get an item logged in the notifications screen showing it uploading/tweeting. I'd like to be able to click that and get options like 'restart' and 'cancel' for those times when, for whatever reason, the tweet just gets stuck at sending for ages, or worse still the upload completely freezes at x% for half an hour and you know if you kill it you'll lose the caption you painstakingly typed! Er, not that I've been frustrated by this often or anything... (The 'cancel' option would also be useful for those moments when you tweet something and then immediately realise you didn't mean to!) Those are the first six I could think of, anyway - apologies if I come back with more requests later, and thanks again for your work on this app!
  3. Meanwhile, I'm still without TV and Virgin haven't rung me back now since Wednesday. Not impressed with this now :)
  4. Well I've figured out a possible solution which seems to work for me: get a new SIM. I tried my SIM and my wife's SIM in it and they are both quite old and they both had the same problem, but then I tried the SIM I got free when I bought the phone (they gave it free with no credit on it, as a spare or for a friend or something), and that one did not show the symptoms, no matter how many times I turned it off and on. So I asked them to send me a new SIM (with my old number on it), and it arrived today and sure enough it seems to have cured it! Amazing. However, I now have a new problem. The TV app won't download licences (a bit like yours). It doesn't even seem to try to download them. Whenever it prompts me to get them I say Yes, but then nothing happens at all. I've tried a system reset back to factory settings but it still doesn't work. I'm waiting for Virgin tech support to get back to me about it but I don't hold out a great deal of hope, because the last time I spoke to them (about the SMS Service Centre issue) they just said that they weren't aware of an issue. I said that they were now because I had reported it, but they said they weren't aware of it and so on. Ridiculous. Good job I got to the bottom of it myself!
  5. I recently bought a Virgin Mobile Lobster 700 TV smartphone and while most things impress me about it (with one new exception since visiting this forum!), it does have one major flaw. When I turn the phone off and back on, it loses the SMS Service Centre setting - that is, if I go into Settings -> Phone -> Call Options, the box under SMS Service Centre is simply blank. If I then enter the number and save it, when I go back in there it is still missing! All the time the number is missing, I cannot send SMS messages of course. The 'fix' for the problem is to turn the phone off and on a second time. If I then go into the settings, whether or not I entered it myself earlier, the SMS Service Centre number has magically returned. So basically this means that if I need to turn my phone off, when I come to turn it on again, I'll have to turn it on, turn it off and then turn it on again. Not ideal. The first person I spoke to about this at Virgin Mobile support said he had heard of this before, but since then, no-one has. This weekend, I went in to Virgin Megastore at Bluewater and asked to try my SIM (and battery) in a new Lobster to see if the problem was the same. In fact, it was even worse - on the new one (fresh out of the store room in a sealed box), I could not get the SMS Service Centre number to appear at all! The assistant then suggested I try my SIM in the store demo Lobster handset that he had locked under the counter, which is much older than either of the other two. In this, no matter how many times we turned it off and on, it simply wouldn't lose the SMS message centre at all, i.e. the bug was just not present. So, have any of you who own Lobsters seen this problem? Does anyone have a solution? Can anyone think what could be causing it? Do you think Virgin/Microsoft/HTC/whoever will be aware of it and working on a bugfix/firmware update? I have until the end of this month to decide whether to use Virgin's 28-day money-back guarantee so I need to get to the bottom of this issue (and the headphone one - see link in first paragraph) all too quickly now! :) Thanks in advance for any help or advice. P.S. Just had a frustrating call with Virgin's technical support people, who insist that they are "not aware of this problem" (despite me just having told them about it) so there's no prospect of it getting fixed any time soon, it seems. This is despite the fact that when I first got the phone I rang 789 with another query (having not yet discovered this problem) and the call centre person asked if I was having "the problem where you lose the Service Centre number when you turn it off and on", saying that he was speaking to someone who had that recently. Oh dear.
  6. Oh dear :) I have just bought this phone as well and I was relying on being able to watch it with my wife by inserting a splitter (into a 2.5mm-3.5mm adapter) so we could each have a pair of headphones going into it. I had seen that it used the earphone cable as its antenna, but that is pretty standard for portable radios and I just assumed it meant literally the headphone wire, not an extra wire running parallel to the headphones :D So is there no way at all that both my wife and I could listen to the sound on the radio or TV on this phone, without turning on the loudspeaker (not a socially acceptable option on public transport!)? That is a real disappointment if so :D
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