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  1. i wouldn't be suprise if apple trys to hang you for this. lol
  2. try reinstalling it again but don't forget to install the sliclock on your computer with your phone connected and then install the rest of the cab files on your phone. that's what i did i it works fine now
  3. ^^^^ yeah you guys won the superbowl with this homescreen. lol :) i love this skin, thank god for you guys.
  4. really really good job guys. alot of hard work was put into this skin and i really liked it. thank you very much and keep up the good work.
  5. OMG u guys need to stop this teasing and bring it out i'm curious to see what this will look like can't wait.
  6. the changes that i think would be good is that the color scheme should be blue since the background is blue but if u guys are going to have that cool black tiger background the leave the scheme black. a really cool thing is to have the start menu background to be the same as the home screen background but transparent, if that is possible. another cool thing would be for the phone signal to work using the wifi signal next to the blue tooth signal, again if possible. that's all i could think of right now. this is by far the best skin ever mad for smartphones i'm sooooooooo happy u guys did this. i'm fallin in love with mac and it's cool that my phone could look like a mac. right now my pc looks exactly like a mac, well very close. hopefully soon i can get me a mac. great work guys.
  7. hey jamma14 i really love the skin and can't wait for future updates. i like the tiger background, when will that be available?
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