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  1. That theme is looking awesome! Any plans for a portrait version? Sadly all the best themes seem to be landscape only these days... Jason.
  2. My account is showing no data transferred since May. I have reinstalled the software on my phone (which was working fine up to May) and received the email saying contact has been made, but no data ever gets uploaded. I have given up with it now as emailing M:Metrics seems a waste of time given previous posts here. Annoyingly I think I was due for a £30 payment, but I expect I won't ever see that now the software no longer works on my phone. Jason.
  3. I installed this last night on my new MacBook Pro. Worked fine, and dare I say it, much faster than ActiveSync ever managed. I have been a Windows user for years, and this is my first Apple computer. I'm seeing now why people love the Apple OS so much. Wish I'd moved over sooner! Jason.
  4. Ah, sorry. Hadn't realised they have one version now. In that case I can only advise posting a request for help on Sprite's forum. Jason.
  5. Have you downloaded the Orange signed version of Sprite? Check their website if not, as there is a separate version for Orange phones. The error sounds similar to the one I had when I tried to run the normal version on my old C600. Jason.
  6. It's the bluetooth that will be killing your battery life. Unfortunately you can't switch bluetooth off whilst using TomTom. It's the reason I didn't buy it, because my main use would be on foot, and didn't need to use GPS constantly. I didn't see any sense in killing my battery for no good reason! I don't recall if TomTom automatically shuts off bluetooth when you close it. If not, just go to the phone settings and turn bluetooth off from there. If you have closed TomTom and bluetooth is still being turned back on, I have no idea what is wrong! Jason.
  7. There is ListPro, which works fine for me. There is also List Manager from Unwired Software. LINK It has more features than ListPro but I didn't find it as user friendly, and was slow to start up. They are working on a new version which hopefully will be better. No idea if the current version works in WM6 as I haven't tried it. Those are the only ones I am familiar with. Jason.
  8. XBar is working on my HTC Vox. Admittedly I haven't tested all of the features. I only use it as a task manager, and it has been working fine for that purpose. Jason.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I will try another USB port, although the one I am using worked fine up until last week. I have recently upgraded to BitDefender v10 which includes a Firewall. However when I tried a hard reset on my device, syncing did work correctly so I don't believe the Firewall is the problem. As soon as I restored using Sprite Backup I couldn't sync again. Looks as though something to do with ActiveSync on the phone has got corrupted. Oh well, if using a different USB port doesn't work I'll just have to do without syncing. I have spent so much time getting my Vox set up exactly as I want it I really don't have the patience to start from scratch again! Jason.
  10. Hi, I have an HTC Vox and for the last few days I have been unable to sync with my XP PC using ActiveSync 4.5. Although it usually allows me to copy files to and from the device, the calendar, contacts and tasks fail to sync (these are the only items set to do so). Instead I get the 'Looking For Changes' message, then after about 10-15 minutes an error message to say the phone could not sync. I also use True Connect and this works fine, with the phone screen displayed on my PC correctly. It's just the sync that fails. I use Sprite Backup, and so did a hard reset and the sync worked fine. However, on restoring the back up the sync failed again, so the problem seems to be on the phone side. It will take me ages to start installing everything from scratch and setting the phone and apps up as I like it. Does anyone therefore know a way of deleting the ActiveSync partnership settings from the phone itself, so that when I reconnect to my PC it will be as if it had never been connected before. I'm hoping that might solve it. If not I think I'll just have to manually input all my appointments and tasks on both phone and PC as I can't really be bothered to start installing and setting things up from scratch, just to hit the problem again in a week or so. Dear God, I wish there was an alternative to ActiveSync.... Jason.
  11. Tiny ebook Reader does indeed work with lit files. Only non-DRM files though as far as I am aware. Other than that Mobipocket Reader is good, and I also like allreader+: Link Neither of these will read lit files. Jason.
  12. The theme looks great! Earlier in the thread a portrait version was mentioned. Was this dropped or does it exist somewhere? Jason.
  13. I must be lucky. All the Smartphones (Moto MPx200, C550 and C600) I have used worked fine, and none suffered from the dust problem either. In fact the only phone I ever had to get replaced was an old Moto T250 which kept rebooting. Jason.
  14. Thanks for the replies. My phone is fully unlocked. I have tried re-copying the CAB file to the phone, and made sure the AppMgr/Install folder was empty. Still had the problem. One thing I didn't try though was copying using a card reader. Seems like something occasionally gets corrupted. Anyway I hard reset my Vox and all seems fine now. Everything I had tried to install before worked fine. Fortunately Sprite Backup is compatible with WM6 so I have a backup to fall back on if it occurs again. One thing I love about the Vox is the extra phone storage. On my C600 I used to copy everything from the AppMgr folder (except the Install folder) to the Storage Card which would give me an extra 1.5MB of precious phone memory. Trick is to remember to copy back the relevant folder when you want to upgrade or remove a program. Thankfully this isn't something I have to worry about anymore! I could have sworn I'd posted the original message to the Vox section.... Jason.
  15. Good work! Thanks for sharing. I had tried to mess around with some older themes, but my knowledge of how to put these together isn't good, so I'd given up and was hoping someone else would come up with a decent theme! The only alteration I will probably make to this one is to see if I can insert the Fizz Traveller plug-in, below Facade. Cheers, Jason.
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