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  1. I've installed the Nest Smoke Alarms in my house, and I'd highly recommend them. App alerts, meaningful alarms, and a nightlight feature all work really well. Looking to add the Nest Thermostat at some point in the future.
  2. Just set it up on my Moto X 2014 and used it in my local Costa. Worked really well, especially as I already had my phone out and unlocked for my Costa club card.
  3. For me it has to be the car kit. Active Brodit Mount (coupled with the right mount for my car) usually. They're expensive, but just work. I hate the cheap mounts that people stick on their windscreen! Best mount I had was my Nexus 5 with Nexus wireless charger. The magnets in the charger made it a wire free magnetic mount!
  4. That's a shame. Seems like a missed opportunity.
  5. How portable is the plug? I can't tell from the photos if the plug 'prongs' fold down for storage, or are they permanently sticking out? I'd like something like this to drop into my laptop bag, that takes up minimal space.
  6. I did this for my 2014 Moto X. Great service, although you could end up with a strange looking phone that you regret or struggle to resell if you go for some of the brighter colour combinations!
  7. feel the same way. Three speeds are more than enough on my Galaxy Nexus. If the new Nexus meets my needs and happens to be 4G, then great, but I'll wait until Three rolls it out at a reasonable price, rather than pay over the odds on the other networks!
  8. I already have paid for CoPilot. Any reason to get this as a replacement? Any additional useful features?
  9. Think the Sony idea could be a better. Less compromise on both the phone and the camera: http://www.theverge.com/2013/8/12/4614442/sonys-lens-camera-rx100-ii-lens-sensor-photo-leak
  10. I should think you get some funny looks holding something that looks very camera like up to your ear to make phone calls?
  11. I'm on the latest iteration of the MCR, but keep getting the notification to update to 4.3. This fails, so just serves to annoy me, so what's the best way to get onto 4.3? I don't want to dump MCR, but no word from Paul as to an ETA for an update.
  12. +1 I keep getting an 'update available' notification,but it won't install because I'm on the MCR. Hoping Paul will be able to make an update soon.
  13. Possibly a bit off topic, but would be interested to see the comparison in the 'step down' from the One and One Mini, and the S4 and S4 Mini. Is one more of a compromise than the other?
  14. Initial £399 price point seems high, but I'll bet these'll be discounted within a few months. And if it gets close to the £319 price point of the Nexus 10 it'll be a good comparison... lighter and expandable with SD Cards or a better screen? I'd be very tempted by the SC slot! Hopefully this is also rootable, so there'll be a decent selection of custom ROMS out there. Will Sony be releasing the ROM code like they have with other devices? The question for me will be whether Google release a new large size Nexus tablet, with decent internal storage, in the next month or two!
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