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  1. PM time suffix is not present on display on my phone ( htc s620) but it is not a problem. it is possible to put what Profile i use. ? However it is fantastic. Thanks for all.
  2. he asked me part 2 for the rar file. you know something ?
  3. do not worry . for beautiful girl we have to wait ,in italy
  4. ok. only to know all features . Curiosity kill the cat :)
  5. i see you release note but i do not understand completly all. can you tell us what you incude in the next version? Thanks
  6. Also long date (example :30 Gennaio 2007) Profile choosing Signal strength
  7. Thanks for all. - Missed calls/sms new popup state is necessary. - bluetooth icon state is wrong However is a great theme i use Resco explorer i use photo viewer i use salling clicker as lnk of your Dock It seems to use Mac os x I have htc s620
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